Music composed for International Indie game... !!

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Hello !!

I've just finished writing a soundtrack to an Indie game being produced overseas.
The game is called "Save to Kill", and is a classic top-down arcade shooter.

Here is a link to a Promo video that showcases some of the gameplay, and some of the soundtrack.

The music reference I was given was the old "Castlevania" series, which had a 90s Transylvanian Metal sound to it.
Do any of you remember that old series?! What fun... :D

This was an amazing experience, and writing these melodies brought back such awesome memories of gaming as a kid.

When the game and soundtrack are complete and both online, I'll post their links in this thread.
If any local developers would like to chat to me about music for their games, please pop me a message.

Thanks everyone, and happy gaming.
Mark Allnutt

ps. game is (c) of DecafPanda games, and Soundtrack is (c) of Pyjama Planet


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