Entellect need to do this challenge :D

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Sorry this is kinda completely off-topic but seriously :D


  • I fear what the AI overlords will do to us when they take over.

  • Late to the party as always.

    So believe it or not, there are a couple of places in SA that actually DO do the sumo robot competition. I will admit none of them are quite as fast as the ones in the video (our participants don't have enough money to spend on spectacular actuators), but there is specifically a competition in October that tries to overcome the budget issue with the AfrikaBot (http://roboscience.co.za/) which is built to be a super low cost robot specifically to let people break into it. I think we are NOWHERE near as cool as the guys in Japan, but for those who are keen, the barrier to entry is actually quite a bit lower than it was a few years ago :)

    I am not sure what the challenges will be in October for the Afikabot competition, but if anyone is keen I am sure Ican find out...
  • Trying to find someone in the robotics circles in SA is so difficult. Are there any facebook groups or someone I can get in touch with?
  • If you're in Stellenbosch there's a robotics student club there. DM me and I'll put you in contact :)
  • Alas I am not...
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