[Project] Akromah's Tale - EPIC Action RPG

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Hey all

Presenting Akromah's Tale - A 3rd-Person Action Adventure RPG with stylized graphics, Dark Soulsy combat, and a whole lot of epic!!


We just released our teaser trailer, still a looong way to go, but it has been awesome every step of the way!
View it on youtube here

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Trying to get some exposure to the game early while it is still in development. Subject to change for placeholders etc.

Hope you enjoy
3508 x 2012 - 3M
3508 x 2012 - 2M


  • I think you can cut out about the first minute of your "teaser" if you want people to actually see the game
  • I disagree, leave that minute in :)

    Really like the mixed-media feel with ultra realistic flames and vectors and all that.

    Looking forward to seeing some more and maybe a demo of sorts?
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