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Greetings fellow gamers, designers and creators. We are Tenebris Lab - a CG VR/MR Design collaborative and Software Development Studio. We are a bunch of wiseguy raconteurs that create new worlds in VR; games, architecture, marketing... you name it.

Check out our stuff @ tenebrislab.com
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    We are currently looking for new recruits, specifically 3D artists and a PR Manager to aid us in making our VR and AR experiences even better and launch Tenebris Lab. If you fit the criteria in the brief below or know of anyone like-minded, pop us your CV at careers@tenebrislab.com. We are based in Cape Town, but we accept time travelers from across the globe.
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    Job post: 3D Ninja

    Hark fellow denizens of this rock hurtling through space and time, we’re on a mission - building new worlds to explore. Until space travel affords us the luxury of visiting undiscovered planets or the scientists at CERN get their act together and make inter-dimensional travel the same as going to the corner store and buying a fizzy cola - we have taken on the mantel of constructing digital worlds that fuze with our own. We’re working in a constant state of flux, at the crossroads where new technology, virtual world building and storytelling meet. Creativity and design gets mashed up with frontier technology to create unparalleled real-time and interactive worlds, where we endeavor to raise the bar each step we take into the great wide open. Crazy-fun? You betcha. Challenging? We wouldn’t be doing it otherwise - it’s what drives us further into the unknown realm of collaborative, extremely creative and highly technical work with endless possibility. If you’re interested in joining - we’re still picking up hitchhikers and fellow pioneers along the way.

    Tenebris Lab is constantly growing and looking for talented, driven creatives and technologists, that want to help build the next generation of immersive virtual worlds. Have a look at the description below. If it sounds like you, send us your stuff!


    - Collaborate with dev team to advance the state of real-time rendered immersive experiences, striving for highest possible visual fidelity while ensuring optimal performance
    - Work closely with the design leads to conceptualize, model, dress and light real-time and game worlds based on related concept art, photographic reference or architectural models for franchise / IP / architectural visualization.
    - Develop VFX and Shaders - fluids, fire, smoke, ivy , etc.
    - Model rig, animate and optimize game assets for VR and AR on multiple platforms.
    - Standardize and improve development processes for production of assets, materials, shaders, LODs, asset streaming, collisions, and interactions.
    - Preview work in engine & VR headset. Iterate, optimize and polish to quality bar and visual direction set by the creative leads.
    - Establish a thorough understanding of the existing tools and pipelines; experiment / champion opportunities for improvement.
    - Actively participate in concept testing of new ideas and building of rapid prototypes.
    Partner with engineering team to understand, define and manage project technical requirements and project asset production.

    Required Skills / Experience:

    - Minimum of 3 years’ experience in 3D asset development for VFX, gaming, animation or rendering - developing, designing, modeling, and texturing 3D assets using Maya/Blender/3ds Max and Photoshop (or equivalent 3D/2D programs).
    - Exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regard to modeling
    - Superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating texture maps of different material types
    - Strong paint skills, multi-layered materials and effective texture layout.
    Advanced abilities in Medium, Z-Brush or Mud Box.
    - Strong understanding of PBR workflow, materials and lighting.
    - Ability to switch between a wide range of styles.
    - Collaborative, team-player attitude: open & receptive to new ideas, constructive criticism, direction and changes.
    - Experience working with Unity3d, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Maya/Blender/3ds Max to create model, texture and animate.
    - Strong artistic & technical problem-solving skills, able to adapt, willing to learn new processes and technical skills.

    Desired Skills / Experience:

    - Basic understanding of game scripting.
    - Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
    - Passion for game development, and working in VR or AR
    - Able to create stylized concept art and illustration
    - Experience working with photogrammetry
    - Experience with Unity3D or Unreal Engine 4
    - Passion for playing and making games
    - Experience with dynamics and simulations packages like Houdini.

    A portfolio / reel submission is required. At the end of the day it’s your talent and skills that we’re after, the above section was just for HR.

    - An exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regard to modeling
    - Strong foundation in the traditional arts including, but not limited to, figure drawing, and environmental and / or architectural illustration
    - Exceptional examples in set design, production design and/or architecture.
    - Strong aesthetic appreciation for composition, proportion, mass and volume, light, lighting and color.
    - 3D sculpting and modeling abilities interpreting 2D concept.
    - Mesh geometry constructed for a real-time engine, built with an understanding of level layout, lighting and reuse whilst respecting run-time performance.

    You will work and model with, in and for VR. With access to some of the worlds most advanced technologies.



    Job post:PR Manager and Marketing Guru

    In collaboration with Tenebris Lab leadership, the Brand Marketing Manager, Tenebris Lab will drive development and implementation of Tenebris Lab’s marketing and branding strategy. Such strategy will span a wide range of channels, including, but not limited to events, website, and social channels. In addition, this role will take point and represent Tenebris Lab in some of SAOTA Company marketing related activities including working hand-in-hand with Marketing to ensure successful completion of PR projects in service of Tenebris Lab. This role requires holistic, strategic thinking, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong leadership, as well as highly effective relationship management both inside and outside the Disney organization.


    ⦁ Drive holistic, goal-focused strategy to establish and grow the strength of the Tenebris Lab brand.
    ⦁ Work closely with Tenebris Lab leadership team to ensure shared vision, goals and priorities, are reflected in developing and communicating key messages
    ⦁ Drive and Implement Tenebris Lab’s publishing and release strategy
    ⦁ Report out on activities; success in supporting overall goals; upcoming focus; and longer term strategies
    ⦁ Collaborate with recruiting to ensure alignment of messaging and help support the ongoing effort to attract and retain top talent
    ⦁ Support expansion of global Tenebris Lab efforts including but not limited to communicating goals, priorities, and strategies to leadership of other studios, as relevant
    ⦁ Maintain extensive knowledge of current Immersive Entertainment market conditions and competition in order to inform positioning and communication strategy
    ⦁ Must be able to manage multiple partners and projects at once to ensure overall Tenebris Lab priorities are met
    ⦁ Create and implement strategic communication plans for all Tenebris Lab releases and activities
    ⦁ Drive Tenebris Lab relationship with Architectural and Development studios, Marketing and proactively anticipate / support pitches of projects.
    ⦁ Partner with Tenebris Lab Production to ensure Marketing objectives are met from inception through project release
    ⦁ Manage development and implementation of Tenebris Lab's website expansion and ensure it remains ‘fresh’ and exciting
    ⦁ In collaboration with SAOTA and ARRCC's PR, pitch and place coverage with key trade and consumer press; drive drafting, timing, and approval of press releases
    ⦁ Develop and maintain an active presence on key social media channels
    ⦁ Develop Marketing and PR materials to support Tenebris Lab’s communication strategy, keeping materials current and consistent with the brand (i.e. highly visual, invites interaction, and is cutting edge)
    ⦁ Establish and maintain relationships with key industry organizations to identify high profile opportunities in service of Tenebris Lab’s goals
    ⦁ Host visits of key partners, collaborators, influencers, etc. as needed
    ⦁ Establish and maintain relationships with leadership at SAOTA and ARRCC to identify opportunities and ensure Tenebris Lab is presented in a consistent manner
    ⦁ Lead execution of marketing events where Tenebris Lab has a presence
    ⦁ Ensure participants have clear understanding of goals, messages, etc.
    ⦁ Develop and manage event budgets
    ⦁ Collaborate with Tenebris Lab Production, where content is being created and/or refined
    ⦁ Manage and arrange speaking engagements for Tenebris Lab personnel and help prepare supporting talking points and presentation materials
    ⦁ Cultivate and engage up-and-coming talent in order to expand the ‘voice’ and diversity of Tenebris Lab
    ⦁ Identify potential award competitions and organize submissions

    Desired Skills / Experience:

    ⦁ Minimum of 5 – 7 years of relevant experience
    ⦁ Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Entertainment, Business, or Communications/MBA is a plus
    ⦁ Must have experience owning and implementing high-level communication strategies
    ⦁ Must be able to cultivate relationships and manage multiple projects simultaneously
    ⦁ Must have a can-do attitude and strong problem solving skills
    ⦁ Must be self-sufficient and comfortable working across various levels of management
    ⦁ Must have excellent organization skills and the ability to multi-task efficiently in a high pressure environment
    ⦁ Must have strong writing, presentation and communication skills
    ⦁ Diplomacy, discretion and reliability are critical
    ⦁ Immersive Entertainment and/or Games experience preferred
    ⦁ Computer literacy in a Macintosh environment (i.e. as it relates to design and preparation of materials) desirable
    ⦁ Technology knowledge desirable


    Work Environment:

    - Professional Environment that offers world class service to some epic clients.
    - Skill hopping, We grow, we learn.
    - Too many HMD's and sensors to list.
    - Toys
    - Fibre
    - Sick Leave
    - New Company

    Hope to hear from you soon :D
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  • This position is exactly what I'm looking for! Ill prepare my portfolio and send it your way. I really want this one.
  • Hello All we are looking for some 3D artists and talented generalists, send us your cv's and portfolios. We also offer paid internship opportunities.

    We have a bunch of interesting projects coming up and our games need you!!
  • I am very sure that the candidate you are looking for is not available on Earth. Yet posting this on an "indie" development site.
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    SkinnyBoy said:
    I am very sure that the candidate you are looking for is not available on Earth. Yet posting this on an "indie" development site.
    That's unfortunate you think so. They do exist. We have some, just looking for more aliens then.
  • SkinnyBoy said:
    I am very sure that the candidate you are looking for is not available on Earth. Yet posting this on an "indie" development site.
    Hello. :)

  • Hello. :)
    Hello from the other side...

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