[WIP] Sweethearts

I'm back with my 'second step' with GM:S.

I've spent my last 2 days creating my first ever card game. It uses 3 types of cards and dice rolls (because I was too lazy to make more cards), and it is overcomplicated (because I had to make a game with 3 types of card and dice rolls...) but I did get to make my first card game yay. Oh and I made it for a CGA jam on itch.io (not trying to 'win' at all though, just wanted to make a card game).

You can find that at: https://okkie.itch.io/sweethearts

Time for some gamblin!


  • Aww man, that colour pallet hits the nostalgia feels hard :D

    Well done on completing another game, your skills are improving with each one!
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