Shenanijam Enrty!

Whats up peeps!

So me and my wife took part in the Shenanijam (Theme: Follicle Innovation) this weekend. Awesome experience, also the first game my wife has made. Take a loot and slap some feedback on us if you'd like.

Itch page:

Youtube vid:

The Short:

This is a platforming game about killing monks and mutant head lice by using your mutated forearm hair follicles.

The Long:

The following tale has been lost from the pages of history, but it is nonetheless important. During the age of the vikings, the monks of England came up with a scheme to convince everyone in the world that their hairstyle is the coolest thing ever. Being the sole providers of this hairstyle, they would become billionaires!

To enact this plan, they tried to destroy all other barbers. Eventually only one remained, you, Balder, the Last Viking Barber. Blessed by Odin with innovative ingenuity, you mutated the hair follicles on your forearm. in order to defend your barber shop against the monks and their mutant head lice. Will you remain the Last Viking Barber?


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1920 x 1080 - 365K
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