Douts about starting to study c#(in unity)

Hi. I currently use Unity engine to do all my games. Until now,I've got a really good understanding of the engine functionalities themselves but I just now how to program in Unityscript,quite well I'd say,but I would like to learn c#,for now,only for using it in unity. What would be a good way of starting it? I mean,I was thinking about watching that "roll a ball" serie,as it's written in c#,but I don't know if that would be a good start as I'm not a begginer on unity,but on c#. What do u guys think?


  • The "roll a ball" series looks good to me, there are several other series that you could use if it doesn't help you stay comfortable learning C#.

    Learn C# for Beginners { Microsoft Virtual Academy }
    Unity C# Scripting Tutorial For Beginners: Learn C# For Unity Game Development In One Video { Charger Games youtube }

    [ Just so this is added: some might be "paid" but be free if you use your school/university account. Wits email worked for the free side 7 (8 maybe?) years ago for me ]

    The youtube link above covers all of Unity functionality in C# (you can see it in the "Show More" description) - its not completely teaching C# but with it showing how to do the Unity editor's "code" (changes for what is done and when its done) it will get you accustomed with C#.

    You can also ask us questions where you have difficulty - the custom search (top right) for "C#" shows 10 pages of posts and threads that can help, but is just to show we welcome your questions. (like Car Movement in Unity in C#)

    We have had personal experiences with C# coding (and learning it) and being this community: we not only show games we made to people, we help each other when we dont know everything and we find it great to help people learning (anything that fits into game dev).

    You could even make a list of all the Unity features you used and ask one by one what is needed in learning to do it in C#. For example:
    How do I swap animations for objects in C#? I am making my characters animation "still" when he stops, and "walk" when he starts walking again.
    Or another example:
    How do I make the objects movement work correctly in C#?
    We can share pieces of the C# code as a lesson (like "you put a script on the object for movement, then make the movement have a state, and the from the state changing you check which animation to show to the end user... It uses these C# functions to change what Unity does as an engine..."). This is we can be a "tutorial" by sharing what you might do and use to swap to using the C# code.

    As a side topic: C# updates over the last few months show more capability to use C# code in any engine or library for making games. iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, you get it... Long list. Point is don't let people argue saying C# isn't a good option, it is growing to be a better multi-platform language where it was slightly limited in its past (most multi-platform code was limited in the past).
  • I don't think you should worry about it. Like, worry if you're considering paying for a giant course that spans months of work that locks you in. But following a web tutorial series with several hours of video -- even if it ends up being a waste of time (which, if it were, you could exit early) is hardly anything in the grand scheme of things. :D

    For C#-specific things, StackOverflow and the MSDN are excellent resources for when you run into specific problems that you need to search. (I've also, personally, really enjoy using ReSharper, because it's hinted some things that I didn't know existed, but it's not at all necessary.) You can also ask around here if those don't help you with the common problems. :)
  • Thank you all for your precious time to ansswer me. I highly appreciate it :)
  • That was 2 years ago! Has there been any progress learning C# on your part?

  • Well,actually no,I have been studying java and sql lately,but thanks for asking!
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