[Comp J] Escape from hollow springs

We have an idea that we are still in the process of fleshing out. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow we will have a playable version. Just starting a discussion here as a placeholder.

The idea is based off of west-world, with android "hosts" entertaining human guests.
The gameplay we are thinking of having draws quite a bit from dead of winter, but much less complicated.

The overall game places players as hosts cooperating to try to escape from the theme park, while not alerting the human "watchers" to their sentience. To escape the players must complete an overall objective card, which lists a number of items/money/conditions that need to be filled out. Eg. have X amount of money and Y amount of information. Additionally, each player must complete a secret objective by the end to successfully escape. Beware for any undercover park investigators in your midst! The players must take actions and complete tasks without loosing all of their Deception points, which if lost would lead to their capture.

The game is broken down into rounds, where each round ends with a crisis/quest card which must be completed to not loose deception points. This is resolved using resource; bribes, weapons, information and cash. In each round the players can do actions, such as going to locations or completing tasks, which can reward the player with resources (or trash!). The players need to balance their resource contribution to the overall objective, with emergent crises and secret objectives, whilst maintaining their teams deception. Undercover park operatives need to maintain their disguise, while undermining the team objective.
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  • So we severely underestimated the amount of time it takes us to get everything together (hence we are over the deadline), but hey we are having fun :)

    We have created a basic rule set. We have tried to create a "balanced" (without actually play-testing with a big group) set of cards (See the table pdf for rough details of the stats we are thinking of).
    We think there are many flaws that still need to be ironed out in play testing, but at least we have written down the core concept.

    We are also busy doing a bit of concept art, which we have attached.
    Escape from hallow springs tables - Secret objectives.pdf
    WhatsApp Image 2017-04-25 at 8.22.59 PM.jpeg
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  • Sounds interesting! Stoked to see how it progresses!
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    We created a few stories/scenarios for the crisis cards (10 easy, 10 difficult). Some of them will be cut down, but we will themput together with their resource requirements on cards.

    A an update to the rules are also inbound.
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    Paper prototyping...


    Time for the playtest :D
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