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Pixel8 is a fun and addictive new arcade game that challenges players to react fast! Protect your heart from being pixel8ed by classic and new pixel monsters in this fast paced and highly addictive pixel based game. On your way to work, on the toilet, bored at work, bored at home, bored while listening to the wife/husband ramble - anytime is a pixel8 moment.

Good evening, MGSA!

Our latest released project is now available for Android! Give it a try and give us your feedback please, we're constantly working on improving it.

You can get it HERE.

Post your high score in the comment, aaand GO!


  • @VoidFletcher Very cool! My best score is 13 (: (I'll keep it for those bored moments as you suggest on the store description)

    You can add a lot as you are probably already planning? (shield strengtheners, power-ups like slow down etc etc)
    A few basic colours would def add to the experience too. Red enemies, green good things.

    "Swipe from left to right to rotate your shield and block of off pixel8ting monsters " - minor spelling thing? Mmmh not sure if I'm correct?

    installation did ask for some strange permissions like wanting to make calls etc? I just opted out of those. Whatever.

    Great job and kudos for getting a 2nd one on the store ;)
  • @Konman

    Great job on the score - thanks for noting that issue with the store listing spelling, off* is indeed the correct spelling, I have corrected it and changes should reflect soon. There are also some new updates that bring in bug fixes and allow you to share your score on Facebook, as well as achievements! (We all like those, don't we? :D)

    We do have a plan to add lots of new content as soon as we have time for another development sprint - we will be adding a store and running a competition on Facebook and MGSA to let people sketch their own skin ideas, which we will digitize and add to the Pixel8 store with the name or alias of the person who submitted the idea. These will be free and obtained by racking up points in the game. It will also add a lot more life to the game in terms of colour. We also plan on adding death animations to the pixel monsters, and bomb detonation animations and sfx, however as I mentioned this all depends on time available.

    Thanks for the kudos - I think we'll be working on more small projects like Pixel8 along the side as we make more progress on Riftwalker. This will help us get a better idea of what resonates with users and which kind of ideas and concepts stick.

    I will try to be a bit more active on MGSA, it can just be a bit daunting to keep track of all the social media while working.
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