IN-VR: A game con entirely in VR (December)

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Came across this thing, it's an entirely In-VR Game convention. Which is super intriguing but at the same time I wonder how it would go, whether our tech is adequate enough for attendance to be really worth the effort. Though of course the effort is minimal because there won't be any traveling to do :)

The setup is a bit weird as it seems based around some kind of share to earn entries into a thing to win a Vive thing, but hey, the thing seems legit.

They have a couple of speakers already signed up, and you can indicate your desire to speak too. From your living room, or wherever you VR.

There are no dates yet other than December 2017.

I also don't see any other media picking it up yet, which is... weird. But hey, it'll be interesting to watch what happens.
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