General Question.

Does a simple but enjoyable dice game based on pure luck.

Qualify to be converted from a hard physical game played on a table top.

To a game that can be played amongst family/friends off a smart phone.

I look forward to any input one way or the other.



  • Depends on what you want to achieve.

    Do you want to learn from the process of doing it? Then definitely. Do you want to make your first million? Eh, probably not :P

    Pure luck games are not the best - what game is it exactly? We'd be better able to help you if we knew more.
  • Hello Mike,

    You left this a little open ended... Most games can be digitized. What are your 'qualification criteria' and what is the end-goal of digitizing the game?

    1. Are you planning to make it yourself - starting with a small but achievable mini game to learn from?
    2. Are you planning to make it available for general public consumption or is this just a personal project?
    3. Are you hoping to generate revenue from the game.
    4. Does this particular dice game not exist on mobile already? Have you checked? Or is it something new you have created?
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