3D Art work needed for Unity Mobile game

HI there guys

I am in progress of completing my 3D top-down action shooter game using Unity3d.

At this point in time I am trying to create and complete +-6 unique new levels for my game. All of my 3d model assets thus far have some from the asset store purchase found here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/34497.

Naturally these models were just used as place holders while I added more “meat” to my game. I am now at the point where I feel comfortable in adding more scenes, enemies and level bosses to my game. I was hoping to find someone that can help me with such a task. Basically here is what I need:

1) 3D model assets needs to be mobile friendly. I.e. they need to be simple enough to generate great performance on mobile devices. (Simplified meshes) - something like just over 2000 tris per enemy model would be fine.
2) All assets need to look good and work well using Unity’s standard shader.
3) A minimal amount of textures to reduce download size of game. So a nice atlas would work well.
4) Game assets need to work straight out of the box. Example: scale needs to be consistent and models would be easy to drop-and-drag into Unity. Pre-built prefabs would be a bonus.
5) I need a unique look and feel for each new “level”. I.e. I need a single level pack for each new level. a. We can negotiate about art style – I am open to any good ideas – but naturally all art work will need to remain consistent throughout the game. Looking at the link above will give you a good idea of what I like.
6) The main categories of assets I am looking for would be a. Enemies (mostly vehicles) + end of level “super” bosses. b. Buildings c. Floor tiles d. Some simple props – like rocks and trees, etc.

I am happy to make payments on a per-level-pack provided. Please let me know your “estimated” quote price – given all the details shown above.

Please see more of the project here: https://connect.unity.com/p/58d4a565090915001f2b6ff9

Please PM me.
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