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Hey Guys Its Osiris

I just wanted to ask... to create a game Company and to recruit people,

what are the necessary steps i should take in starting a game company and what should my approach be if i were to hire people into my independent Game Company locally and online

Because i'm in need to create some projects which surely i can't do alone, so that's why i need to recruit a solid team whom i can work with

Thanks i would really appreciate your response


  • Hi,

    Its hard to answer this question as most peoples journeys into running a development business are far from straight forward.

    Maybe if you give some more background someone can answer? Do you have a project you want to execute, and do you have budget to do so (like enough money to support 4 people for 2 years)? Have you made games in the past, or is this something you are completely new to?

    The impression I get is that this is something you are very new to and therefore are far away from being able to assemble a team. Best place to start would be to build a prototype of the concepts you want to build - without that you will find it very hard to recruit people without paying them a reasonable salary?
  • Creating a company is a whole bunch of admin and some very real costs, so you probably want to put that off until you really need it. For now you can just operate as a sole proprietor (just in your own name), and when you have a serious amount of money start entering the picture then consider making a company.

    Fortunately you really don't need a company to make games. You can get started on a prototype yourself, or if you have some money you can consider hiring someone, but you might want to hold back on that a bit.

    Like @shanemarks said, share a bit more of what you have or what you plan to do - everyone has different resources available to them and a different idea of what they want out of game development, so the more details the better the advice can be.
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