Game Dev. Need some help

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Hey peeps.

I need some help with game dev.

This is probably for the hobbyist, and if we feel like it, we can take it to the steam market.

I am using Unity Engine, I have a concept, a story line and i have already done quite a bit of the work, but there is sooo much too be done. If i was to do everything by myself then this game will only be done in about 5 years.

This started out as a learning a project, to learn basic game development but has now reached a point where i cannot put my tools down at night.

If anyone is interested in learning Unity, or they already know unity and would like to work on a project, then please let me know.

C# is a must though, you gonna struggle if you do not know it.

The game is a genre already covered extensively, so it is nothing new, maybe a few mechanics here an there that sets it apart from existing survival multiplayers. It is an island map, with land covering around 30% of the map (i'm saying this so you get a feel for where i am heading). The goal is to have a huge ocean area which will be playable.

I am targeting two types of players. the survivalist and the First person shooter, survival will more than likely happen off-shore, and action will be on land.

I have a full story line, and draft of features that would be implemented, i will send it to the people that might be interested. I'm not gonna post it here cause i suck at writing stories.

So far i have:

Procedurally generated island (Tiled terrains currently buckling at around 25kmx25km)
basic terrain splat mapping.
Character with basic walk/run/walk backwards animations (busy working on it at the moment)
Foliage painting and object placement.
First iteration of an inventory system
Basic "base" building.
Base destruction for world prefabs.
Using Unity's Netrworking modules, I am considering moving over to photon, or maybe even Raknet.

You can download the latest build (at the time of posting this comment). As mentioned, this is a learning experince, so please don't judge my 2 months of work.

Here are some pictures, not the best, but i will make a plan to add some more:

my best angle :)

Implementation of building

working on my procedural coastline

just a random picture of the ocean iteration

having fun with splat painting bugs
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  • Hi @stoiced, welcome to the community :)

    Can I suggest that you post some more information about the game you're making, including screenshots and possibly even a playable demo. People are far more likely to want to get involved with your project if it looks like something interesting and they can see what work has already gone into it. This will also possibly net you some valuable feedback from other developers in the community.
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    Thanx for the suggestion @mattbenic.

    I've updated my original post with some more info and screenshots
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  • Looks pretty good.
    You can also look into SpatialOS for the networking.
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