Hi everyone.

I’ve been working on my very first game after hours for little over 2 years now as a life goal to learn game development. I actually only found today and wanted to share my work.

CLASH is a competitive multi/single-player shooter where you are left with complete control of your character, no weapon drops, select every attack from an ever growing variety of skills to create a build that suits your play style and counter opponents.


The game made it onto Steam recently but the challenge didn’t stop there. I’ve been working long hours developing AI that was recently added to the game.

I’m working on this project alone and I would really appreciate all feedback on how I can improve the game.






  • Hey!

    I'm downloading now and will let you know what I think ;)
  • Hi @SeiferCleric, welcome to the community and congrats on making and releasing your game :)

    I installed Clash to check it out. As a first game project I think you've done a heck of a lot of work. Getting it up on steam and maintaining a social media presence and active communication with your community is something really unusual for a first attempt. I'm sure you learned a hell of a lot from the experience. Out of interest how, if at all, do you intend to monetize the game, just through your DLC? I get the impression that the game itself wasn't always free.

    On my play experience:
    -I was surprised to have players hop into my game immediately, are those bots?
    -I wasn't able to carry on long because there's no invert mouse option and without it I'm pretty much dead from the get go :)
    -I don't really play online shooters so I can't give any comparative feedback on your upgrade system, but it seemed like there might be something interesting there.

    On UI:
    -you've definitely got a lot out, but you could really benefit from a UI artist's eye on it. There's lot's of room for improvement on flow and readability. It all still looks very much like prototype programmer UI :)

    On game visuals:
    -It seems like you may have used store assets to build the game, is that correct? That's ok, if it gets you what you need, but I think you could really use an artist's eye here to help with lighting and consistency in your levels. The right lighting can do wonders for even the most basic of assets :)
    -Your use of particles is really over the top, and again here I think an artist working towards a consistent look throughout would do wonders.

    I know this is all very basic feedback, but I hope it's of some use. Good luck!
  • Nice work man, congrats on launching on Steam!
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