UE 4 - Unreal Engine 4 - 2D SideScroller

Hello all
Wanted to see if anyone might be able to assist.
I am currently helping my cousin develop his 2D side scroller.
Most the functions have been developed, however I recently hit a wall of frustration.
Unreal engine comes with a built in AI system, after some testing and playing around I could never get the AI to actually respond. I was able to debug that the AI systems where giving instructions but still nothing happened.After some more research it seems that Unreal stopped focusing on the 2D aspect of the engine and hence why i cannot get AI to work. - I could be totally incorrect here, let me know if I am.

So I abandoned the concept of using the built in system and went full onto using collision detection to handle the current behavior of the AI. In it's current form it works, but its so stupid as it was literal code to do checks and react. Now my cousin wants to expand the capabilities of the AI and I'm feeling overwhelmed with what he wants.
1. He wants the AI to jump over player and attack mid air. - Its problematic, the system I built wont handle it(As i did not start with a enum to give a state of behavior). The tree is a literal true/false tree.

Does anyone perhaps have advice on this?
1004 x 654 - 98K
502 x 483 - 63K
1126 x 812 - 213K


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