(Finished) Pirate Jam in Thailand (with 2 SA devs)

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Some of you may have heard of this a while back (like over a year ago) when the website went up for "Pirate Jam".

It's a jam in Thailand organized by American McGee (who created American McGee's Alice and, along with John Romero, designed most of the levels for Doom2 and Quake).

There's two South African's aboard the jam (and "aboard" is the correct term, I'm busy writing this from a heavily listing sailing boat).: Myself and Danny Day.

If you're curious about this you can check out the episodes so far here: (they're pretty short, 5 to 10 minutes each).

We're busy trying to each make a game, in between the sailing and some brief Thailand adventures. There's just one full day left of work now, so it's sink or swim (so to speak).


  • Started watching the episodes today and I have got to say that both your and Danny's games look awesome! I hope to see playable versions on MGSA once you guys are done! :D
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  • It's really cool to follow the journey, it looks like a lot of fun. Any idea if they will do it again soon?

    On another note, South Africa has this rather long coastline...
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  • Pirate Jam is now complete, here's the final video:

    You can see that it was a lot of work, which isn't surprising for a game jam. But it was also a ton of fun and a super brilliant experience.

    Hopefully there is another Pirate Jam next year, this was kind of a prototype jam, and it seems like it may have attracted more sponsorship for 2018.
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  • Most appropriately dressed, clap, clap clap.
  • If you'd like to join in the jam (from land) and/or join the crew next year, there's an itch.io jam page up:

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