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Hey everyone,

I did a search of the forum and didn't find any mention on this, please forgive me if its a double post.
I stumbled across the new Animeworx Nexus in Randburg Gauteng this weekend, and I must say its pretty amazing.

Essentially, the entire office block is dedicated to promoting gaming culture. Theres a canteen, dedicated board game rooms, 2 VR Rooms (PSVR and HTC Vive), as well as the Animeworx shopfront itself. I had a chat with one of the guys who work there and there hasn't been much involvement from their side towards local game developers, but I definitely think its worth looking into.

To be honest I think its an awesome space to start getting involved in. The culture of the place makes it a really rad place to feel inspired. Perhaps we could ask them to host us for a game jam here and there?

Has anyone else been there? What have your experiences been?
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  • I haven't been yet but have heard a bunch about it, I guess I really should go check it out :) For me personally spaces like that would have been great a few years back - now my own time goes towards other set spaces. I would love to see what kind of regular stuff they have going on there.

    As for more video game, and especially local games, related stuff, I wonder what we can do with it. As a game jam space it sounds awesome if they're willing to accommodate, as we all know Microsoft's space isn't as readily available anymore, and Randburg is pretty midway between the two hubs of Braam and Bryanston.

    LUDUM DARE THERE, ANYONE? Though again, it depends on how they feel about it.
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    I have been there tons of times. So there isn't any doubt - the like being parts of community, their membership card is part of that (I believe).

    What is membership and how does it work?
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    They have lots of things for lots of platforms (PC games, Playstation, Nintendo DS, Anime, etc). If I remember correctly that had hardware available (the I needed at that time) but don't just have tons or too much. For example I beleive I got my keyboard there? Maybe, maybe not. This is an important thing we might need for development - they complete the corrections needed (years ago for a game jam we went out of our way to fix someone's computer - hardware was breaking).

    Personally I would be keen to get involved - there is only one possibility that kicked itself out the door: you can't go to the movies anymore (unless they reopened the cinema). Most importantly there are a bunch of restaurants so you can pick and choose and if I remember correctly a book shop.

    We should attempt to make game jam opportunities with them (at least to 100% test them - should be fantastic anyway). This is correct for what @Tuism said - our current space isn't completely (or easily keep it up) simple for us to use (which it was when this started for us all).

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