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I'm prototyping some avoidance thing to see if I can make something more fun than the mobile avoidance games I'm currently playing. I've gotten the core mechanic in, and added the ability to respec the movement and steering at a station which is at the black arrow location. I've found it interesting how with the orbital movements of the missiles, steering plays a bigger role than speed, which seems completely obvious now.


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  • Man this prototype looks amazing so far! I haven't played any avoidance games, but I will try some on my phone now and hopefully yours soon as well. Your video looks to be quite fun, so I believe you have something going right. On the importance of forward speed vs steering(sideways speed) for avoidance, I can see how steering is more important, as even standing still but being able to do a quick step sideways you can dodge an incoming car for example. However I am wondering at what point the speed beats the steering. As in a bullet would still hit you even if you can make a quick sideways jump.
    So in your game, having one rocket that might be even faster than the rest, could be very easy to dodge, but you would have to react quickly enough else it would close the distance before your turn has made enough of a difference. (Thinking about it now I can't decide if this makes sense or not, I almost feel that increased steering would solve this challenge as well. So maybe a rocket that turns better than you but is generally slower than you, or both of these would be the ultimate challenge.)
  • Hi Pomb,

    Great game absolutely love the visuals, got a chance to sit down and play your demo and had a bit of fun.
    The speed broke the game a little but steering (handling) was way more fun.
    Taking the game further I would have to agree with Vince that a dodge mechanic would be an awesome idea, just an animation with invincibility for a short duration.
    Different style rockets to engage the player and change the difficulty.
    100% would play on phone :)
  • Hey this is fun and of course super pretty!

    Love the explosion effect on the little rockets - are you applying a screen distortion effect or something? It's super effective!

    I think the genre is generally pretty shallow, but I lost interest pretty fast. I know you had a meta-game going where you can unlock better steering + speed, but it felt like it came at the detriment of the core mechanic. Feels like it would be more fun to have tighter steering, plus maybe a modifying input for a tighter turn. Right now it's not that innately fun to avoid the rockets - feels like it would be more fun if it was more feasible for you to direct rockets at buildings or each other. But the turning speed is too slow for that to be possible :)
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