Bone 3.1 NPU16 Linux and Windows

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Hey ppil :D

I just released and update to my game Bone 3! If puzzling your way through comical psychobabble in the fashion of Leisure Suit Larry is your thing, you will love this!

More info and download here:
Bone 3 info and download.
720 x 406 - 292K


  • Some Feedback:

    The Good
    The text to speech made me smile
    The hints and story were funny
    Reminded me of the point and clicks I played as a kid
    Has potential

    The Bad:
    Starting the game a webpage pops up (pretty annoying)
    I find it pretty hard to change click modes (scrolling my mouse wheel works some times and doesn't at other times)
    Walk commands get character stuck at times
    Text overlaps other UI element at times
    Strange Graphic artifacts
    Game crashed multiple times when trying to walk places
  • Hi.

    Firstly, thanks for playing! about the crashing, I know about it but it's an internal engine thing that will take source code editing to fix..... and this is the catch, although it's an open source engine, the source for this version of BGE (2.59) is currently over 5 years old and is no longer available on the internet. so there isn't really a way for me to fix it. I will suggest saving often and can assure you that you will still be able to finish the game. I am currently looking at a newer version of BGE to fix things, but cant promise anything at this time.

    Thanks for playing @MoonPanda !
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