Daniel Shiffman's coding challenge for A*

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I've always been a fan of this guys tutorials (his enthusiasm is just really engaging for me) and he recently did a coding challenge on A*.
For anyone who is interested but hasn't really got into learning path finding yet.

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  • This is awesome I am having problems when it come to.understanding the A* pathfinding algorithm...imma check it out..
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  • Awesome, thanks. I started watching Sebastion Lague's A* tutorial but lost internet connection (Last Friday :/ damned if i can afford to stream vidyas at data/airtime rate)

    Super keen to check this out.
    @Jay check out Lague's tutorials too. The first one deals with just the theory and algorithm for shortest path - he does a great job at explaning it.

    Still, i sometimes find listening to Lague for hours at a time can make my eyes heavy, so im really appreciative that @IceCliff recommended another tut (enthusiastic guy too!)

    Damnit Telkom i need my interwebs!!
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