My time with a Game Server company

Hi guys. In 2014, I was hired by a Game Server company that I shall refer to as GameTech (not the real name). It was a pretty shitty experience and I wanted to do a tell-all about my experience there and some of the lessons we all could learn from it. But I want to do it ethically. Is it ok to talk about my experience there as long as I don't name the company or any of its employees?
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  • I would think so, but probably best for @LexAquilia to comment
  • Since you're using your real name on the forums I imagine it wouldn't be hard for people to figure out who you are talking about.
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    If there's lessons in there we could learn, I'd be interested to hear.

    Like @dammit said, it's likely that "GameTech" could figure out you're talking about them, and those that know you personally probably could figure out who "GameTech" is.

    That said, I think sharing experiences is incredibly important. Unethical companies or individuals will thrive where those affected by them remain silent. (Not that "GameTech" had to behave unethically for you to have a terrible experience there, it's very easy as a company to produce an environment in which your employees are frustrated or miserable).
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  • I would say its ethical if done to inform people of the truth and for the benefit of the public, or a portion thereof such as software developers. (Incidentally, publication of material that is true and for the public benefit is also a defense in law to defamation).

    If done in a way that the company can't be identified by the content and published under a pseudonym (so they can't be identified through you previous association) then it would, in my opinion, be ethical.

    If done in a way that does identify the company it can still be ethical, but is more complicated. Much has been written regarding ethics in journalism and reporting, which is probably the best place to find your answer.
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