Global Game Jam 2017 Roundup

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Collection of the GGJ17 games make in South Africa. Listed by jam site.

Link for the main GGJ thread for this year



Wibble is a skiprope physics sportsball simulation, first to 13 points win! Two players share a analogue joystick, and Wibble their way to master Wibbledom! A iOS version is available but I haven't published it yet. ------------------------ I was fascinated by the phenomenon of the wobbly rope, built that, and looked for a game in that, didn't really have an end goal at the start. Wanted to work in a small team for this GGJ, but the core idea I had was so small that I could do practically everything myself, so ended up doing so. Was still amazing to have the support of everyone else on-site, as well as to give input and assist to whoever I could. Thanks ya'll for a cool #GGJ17 :)
Steven Tu: Game Design, code, art, etc

Pieter Smal: Some sounds


Welcome to The Ambassadorv
The Ambassador is a classy, old school, Jazz orchestra. The head conductor is sick and couldn't make it. As the stand in conductor, it's up to you to save the show.

Kevin Marais, Cukia "Sugar" Kimani, Brandon Bosch, Daniel Mendelowitz, Orrie Golombick, Laban Le Fleur


Wave of Radiation Mutation (W.A.V.E)
You are a germ bent on infecting all other cells, but the whiteblood cells are on the hunt for you. Will they be able to stop your wave of mutation?
Darren Allison - Art
Edward van der Merwe - Sound
FanieG - Programming


This Game Blows
An Age of Sail trading game where you control the wind blowing ships along. Play as a cloud moving ships between ports to trade goods using the wind. Be careful not to blow ships into dangers or off the edge of the world!
Andre "Fengol" Odendaal - Art
Gareth "Gazza_N" Wilcock - Programming
Pieter "PS98" Smal - Music
Brandon Bosch - Sounds


The Royal Wave
Britain’s greatest monarch has been cracked out of cryostasis for a special procession! As The Queen, it is your job to wave to your loyal subjects, but every type of subject needs a unique wave – peasants are happy with the classic Polite Wave, but hippies respond best to a Peace Sign, whereas metalheads appreciate The Horns more than anything. Whatever gesture you choose, never stop rotating that wrist! And don’t disappoint your subjects, lest they turn sour and choose to end your reign!
Geoff Burrows, Duncan Bell, Pieter Smal


Retro Piratz
This is a 5-seconds of fun, 1-keyboard multiplayer, scurvy-pirate naval shooter game for 2 players on Windows.
- 3D Modeling - Tommy Barnard
- Code - Brendon Symonds / Tommy Barnard
- Sound - Brendon Symonds


A two player kitten game. Play as a two pirate kittens who want to catch the crows at the top of the mast. Help your Pawrate to win!
Brandon Bosch
Daniel Mendelowitz
Project X


Burnt Ash Swag Hustle
A game inspired the Wave in Third Wave Feminism. Our resident black lesbian, Ashley, tries to get down the street and avoid catcalling
Tim Flusk (@VQ_Flusk)
Sam Kou (@_salmonrai)
Theresa Blom ( @tzeeblom)


High Tide
Epic tower defense game! Defend your sand castle from incoming seamen as they mount a beach assault, summoned by the Waves of an upset ocean. Can you survive the hordes?
Nick Lambropoulos (Programmer)
Takura Nyabvure (Programmer)
Timothy Oosthuizen (2D Artist)
Brandon Bosch (Sound Design and engineer)
Michelle Roux (2D assets/GUI)
Johan Swanepoel (3D assets and art)


Fat Hand Volleyball
A couch co-op multiplayer game where you and a friend battle it out over a game of volleyball. Collect boxes and make your hand bigger than the opponent's to "get the upper hand"! Player 1: W,A,S,D Player 2: Up,Down,Left,Right arrow keys
Pieter Smal - music
Timothy Oosthuizen - everything else

Cape Town


A space-themed, microwave stimulator set in the present/future
Art, design & illustration
Linley Rall -
Jean-Jacques Rossouw -
Stephanie Wallis -

Microwave programmer
Duncan Cossar -

Composer & Sound Designer
Marius Schutte


Waves of Pleasure
A game about providing consenting sophonts with pleasure via waves of tantric telepathic touch.
Danny Dan
Samuli Jääskeläinen
Mthabisi Moyo
Chad Lawrence
Liam Boyes-Yarley
Mickey Edson
Ivo Sissolak


Wheelchair Wizards
Wizards on a tower fighting waves of goblins and each other, on wheelchairs, for ultimate power (and a ride home).
Simon-Kai Garvie - Coder
Ross Borchers - Coder
Herman Martinus - Art
Ivo Sissolak - Sounds


Wave³ TD
A tower defence game on a rotating cube world. Strategically place towers to defend the castle from waves of enemy creeps.
William Francis

Art and Design:
Richard Ramsbottom & Frank Latter

Music credits:
Marius Schutte -
Waldo Van Der Linde


Savey Wavey
Some super smart people decided to go swim in the ocean, and unfortunately got pulled out into the deep sea. Now that they're stuck at sea, their only way of rescue is for the waves to launch them into the chopper.
Autovelop, Johan Steffens


Sourcerous Salmon
Play as a strong, independant Sourcerous Salmon swimming upstream, scavenging for food.
Leon van Niekerk
Megan Hughes
Marc Luck
Robert Shenton


Spacetime Invaders
Shmup game with waves causing distortions in time, seemingly speeding up and slowing down ships and projectiles.
francoisvn, Ramperkash


Go Drunk You're Home
This is a game where you the experience what a night out is like if you were the synapse in a person’s brain. The goal of the game is to make it from one side of the brain to the other to get your human home without any horrific social disasters. WASD or arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and click to shoot.
Game Design & Writing: Limpho Moeti
Art: Dorianne Dutrieux
Code: Jem Smith
Theoretical Sound & Coffee: Jordan "CoffeeMinion" Dutrieux


Echo Maze
Find your way through a top-down maze using echo location
Cai Crumley - Promgramming, Game Design
Michael Matoro - Programming
Michael Clarke - Sound Design, Music


Cup Snake
When sports games get boring, people turn to the age old traditional game of Cup Snake. (). Collect cups to build your snake! Watch out for possible dangers to your cup snake! Complete the ritual. Controls: W - Up S - Down D - Forward Dodge the security guards and don't let the Mexican wave disrupt the size of your cup snack! Collect all of the letters to find the hidden message! We hope you enjoy it :)


You are a pizza delivery person trying to deliver pizza to house party. Fight past the pizza hungry hoards to deliver the sweet pizza and earn all the money.
Sound design: Ivo Sissolak
Art and music: Mellissa Khan
Programming: Ryan Mazzolini


Traffic Control
A game about pushing around traffic jams to prevent a bomb from exploding!
Robbie Fraser (@Squidcor)

George (Fuzzy Logic)


You are an evil scientist bent on destroying the world. To do this you have constructed a doomsday machine that converts energy waves into a powerful disintegration blast. The machine requires different types of energy waves to destroy specific targets. Your task is to build a machine that fuels the doomsday device and bring about the world's destruction, one target at a time. How to Play: Build generators to create energy waves. Combine these waves to create new types of wave. Link machines together to transfer energy from one machine to another. Once the doomsday machine has been provided with energy, click on it to fire. Remember to power your machines using electricity. Build power stations to achieve this.
Ben Joubert
JC Bailey
Grant Steyn
Devon Kirchner
Greg Linklater


Grim Waves
Charon is ferrying the souls of the dead across the rivers of Hades. You need to use his energy to create ripples in the river so you can be pushed along and away from obstacles, collect lost souls and reach the other side of the river. Game Instructions: Left click to create a ripple, right click to consume souls for mana.
Kevin Baynham
Cathal McNally
Kyle Beyleveldt
Christo Oosthuizen
Liza de Beer
Else Stoffberg
Con Momberg


Sun Eater
How does the sun go down? How does it rise? Inspired by the paper cutout art of Matisse, this little game is based on an age old Tswana legend... Crocodile has been eating the sun since it was only a spark. Before each night, he leaps in the sky and devours it, and before each morning, he poops it right back out, all shiny and new. Unfortunately for him, Monkey somehow got into the gods' stockroom and tore a hole in a bag labelled 'Replacement Suns for Just In Case' and thousands were sent bouncing down to earth. What a disaster! Luckily Crocodile is quite a nice chap, and jumped at the chance to help Monkey reverse his error. Before the world ends, it's up to you to help Monkey surf Crocodile through treacherous wavy waters, dodging pesky terns, clumsy catfish, and the occasional sleepy sailboat, towards all those tasty stray sun snacks floating about... Simply tap Spacebar to control Crocodile. Keep eating suns to keep your timebar from running out. Dodge birds, fish and all those sailboats!
Art and animation by:
Mike Scott -
Thea de Klerk -
Programming by Daniel Esterhuizen and Kevin Baynham


The Pope - Greet the People
Another Day has come and you are required to greet your followers from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. There are five crowds located in St. Peter's Square. Keep them faithful by waving at them. Smite any heathen that might appear due to unsatisfied crowds. Smiting requires faith in your divine position. This is created by waving at a crowd without heathen in it. If we lose 3 of the 5 crowds to heathen then you have failed. If you can attract 10 new worshippers then you have succeeded for the day.

Tenebris Lab (CT)


Big Chill
Big Chill is a Virtual Reality game set in an icy ocean. You play as a polar bear trying to save penguins from an oil spill with the help of his seal sidekick, but beware of the sharks.
Devon Ryan & Gerard Slee.


Cosmic Conductor
Conduct an orchestra in space by tracing the sound waves generated by the music. Use your left and right hand controllers to interact with the correct coloured sound waves that match your controller's colour. Requires a VR headset to play.
Mark & Glynn & Mozart


Wavy Days
A VR Short Story experience where you play as a man stranded on an island. As the days go by you find clues as to who you are and what happened. *Disclaimer* My First VR game, it may be buggy. Also you must have a VR Headset to play.
Vincent Kruger - Programming, Modelling, Story and Sleeping. All less than optimal ;)
JabberjayArt for the family photo.

Uploader notes
The GGJ website is a bit fucked, so there is some stuff missing, sorry :<

Some entries are missing images / credits. These have been copied from what was put on the GGJ website. I'll try to go through this all again and fix it up.

If a game didn't have an image/file upload I haven't included it. If you've updated things just let me know and I'll update it ^_^

Edit: just did another sweep, and think I got everything, but let me know if there is something that needs to be changed.

Super congrats to everyone that participated! Hope you all had fun at the jam, learnt stuff and made cool games :D!


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    Aaaaand all the images are broken :< (fixing)

    Edit: fixed :3
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    Wow what an awesome collection! :D Thanks everyone who rocked up at GGJ in Joburg for your awesome company, and for enduring the annoying sounds that for the first time I wasn't alone in making :P

    I see some really amazing looking titles! Hope to get most of these played! GGJ isn't LD but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make time to playtest :)

    @Karuji hey here you go Wibble on

    Have a Wibble gif :)

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    Hey all. Congrats on all the awesome looking games.
    I am definitely going to download and give them all a shot!

    The Tenebris Cape Town jam site only has one game(mine) up at the moment but 3 were made, all VR games. The rest should be up soon.
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    Seems we missed the initial gathering of games.

    You are a pizza delivery person trying to deliver pizza to house party. Fight past the pizza hungry hoards to deliver the sweet pizza and earn all the money.
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  • :) Added some images to Sorcerous Salmon. Thanks Karuji :)
  • Ok just did another run through, and pretty sure that I've gotten everything now :3

    But if there is something missing of in need of update just let me know.

    Sorry about the update taking a bit longer than expected, was a bit more tired from GGJ than I expected and this weeks been a bit crazy. But congrats again to every that's made games this weekend \:D/ super proud of you all!
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    I don't like @Tuism anymore. He always creates these amazing games during Jams but he never tells us how successful they have made him.

    Well done everyone. Games are looking sharp, wish I had some time to join in.
  • @zaphire... that's because they haven't :(
  • Hey all, I know that this is a bit late but soon after GGJ I made a few minor adjustments so that the game wasn't an absolute grind. Your character moves a bit faster and the waves make you lose less cups. For those of you that weren't at the Cape Town meet up, there is an ending to the game. You just need to collect enough cups AND collect all the letters in the crowd! One of these days I want to go back and spend some time adding some juice and such. For now though, I can't bare to even think about the horror show that is my code let alone thinking about fixing it.


    Here is the build.

    Hope you enjoy :)
    718 x 526 - 15M
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    Over the weekend, I put together another prototype for Sorcerous Salmon so that we can get testing, figure out design limitations etc :)




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    Hey guys. So a while back I said I'd give all of these a go, and I've sort of kept to that.

    I played all of the games on this list except for Sorcerous Salmon, sorry dammit and co. The game does look awesome though and if I get time to print out the game and get some people together I will give it a smash.
    I will post the games alphabetically and just give a short paragraph of my experience as well as any ideas/crit for the game. I know that these are jam games so anything I say take it into consideration that I don't mean to say that you should've done it, simply that it is something I thought of and wanted to share.

    In the end I feel that everyone who put something together, whether coding, "art-ing" or making coffee did a great job and should be proud. Whether you are proud of the end result, you made something and that's what counts.

    Without further ado, the reviews:

    Burnt Ash Swag Hustle
    A strange experience but I guess it does get it's message across; albeit quite directly. Modern society in general is very sexuality driven marketing and entertainment wise and women rights are still not where they need to be. If that was something you were trying to convey.
    One bug I experienced is the clouds spawning outside the screen on my resolution(1920x1080) It is barely visible but at least playable.

    Interesting concept, I had never seen or heard of cup snake before this. But I Like IT. The highest score I got was around 45, the Mexican waves are what kept me down, they are quite hard to dodge especially if they are 4+ rows high as there's no way to get out of its way as far as I know.
    {Update: After the meetup and speaking to you guys, I know that you realized this issue and did see you since fixed it. One suggestion I liked for balancing the power of the waves is seeing the rows vibrate before the wave comes so you can avoid it. Also 5 stars on that ending guys! Next time I will utilize the wine as it seems to work wonders}

    This one took me a while to figure out how it all works. I played and restarted a few times confused how things are linked together. And I also thought I only had the two colors, only later I realized that I had more modules than just blue and red when i dragged the list sideways. After that I figured out the linking and caught on and I enjoyed the game. I think it was an interesting take on waves and executed quite well. It was just the UI that caused me to struggle for a while.

    The game-play was quite intuitive to me. Although I was running around in the dark, the game did not frustrate me and at the same time felt rewarding as I progressed through the level. Good job on building some nice mechanics and putting together what I would say a solid level for a puzzle game.

    Exquisite Microvawe
    Very clean and excellent execution all around guys! The art is amazing, the game-play is simple but interesting at the same time, combining items waiting to see what weird and fantastic (or exquisite) item would come out. The game was a great, polished bite-sized experience.

    Brilliant. Loved the game-play once I figured out how to actually hit the ball. Was jumping around trying to hit the ball with the hand until I realized I needed to press down :/ Had fun playing this, simple but competitive game-play tied with some awesome pixel art. What did you guys use to make the pixel art and the game itself? As the game's file structure does not seem to be anything I've seen before?
    Good job on your game and especially on the art, your sounds while simple fit very well as well. Are they Bfxr sounds? One note, the player on the right stopped being able to jump after a while when we played, I thought it was tied to hand size, but eventually left's hand was bigger and could still jump.

    Go Drunk You're Home
    Enjoyed the game, had two play-throughs to see what the different endings were (I don't know if there are more depending on what part you fail?) In what way did you create the "enemies"? I like that some of them react differently(seems so at least) to the waves you send out.

    Grim Waves
    I don't know if it was intended or foreseen that the player can spam click to go really fast but I liked that I could do that. It is sort of a riskier move but it feels much more satisfying. I am not sure whether the art was created in the jam as well, but I feel your art although not super polished does tie well together to create the atmosphere I'd expect. So well done on creating art that ties well to the theme of your game.

    High Tide
    Good job on your game! I liked the 3D modeled Cthulhu man on the main menu especially that he was animated. Game-play wise I think something like this could work, however I felt that it took too long for a ball to be spawned. For example when clicking without holding down, I'd expect a ball to instantly spawn, even if it has zero power.
    Also when powering up fully the ball felt very slow and unimpactful. These can be addressed by adding juice(screen shake, trail/hit effect) however I get that this was a game jam, so the other option could be simply increasing the speed of the ball.

    I know that it could be too easy if you make the ball faster, however I think it would be more enjoyable if the ball was faster and more responsive and you then up the enemies' speed to compensate, so difficulty stays more or less the same, but you "feel" more effective since you get to shoot harder. Just my thoughts though, other than that well done on the execution and getting the game-loop done!

    Haha great stuff! Although the theme of waves is not strongly present, you incorporated the all encompassing theme of kittens. Something everyone loves. Had a go at this with my girlfriend, and we had quite a bit of fun, bumping each other into the obstacles with our speedy kittens.
    One thing though, it is quite hard on the eyes with all the blurring when running at Meow-1 speeds. I don't know if there would be something to alleviate it, maybe a track with less prominent sections?

    Pizza Party
    Loved the setup and your take on the theme. Very different from most others. I liked the game for it's silliness and wobbly characters. I don't know if it was intentional that when taking many pizzas your vision is almost completely blocked, but if it was good job. It's a small aspect but essentially changes the straight forward game-play into a more risk/reward system for the player, which is always good!
    Only suggestions I have are similar to the ones you got at the meetup and those which you said you had yourself. For me what I'd like most is the one where if there is a large group of people(like a different type of enemy that stays together) and you get too close to them, they swarm you and you have to drop a pizza for them to leave you alone, else they also take all your pizzas. Cheese on Bro!

    Retro Pirates
    Really like how you incorporated the theme. It is sort of the main game-play mechanic that you introduced to a simple 1v1 setup. Where now by just the wave system you added you changed how you play it quite a bit. Since now you need to plan your shot taking into consideration the waves, not just you and your enemy. Adding to that if timed incorrectly you are a danger to yourself, sometimes even more so than the enemy. Well done loved the game-play.

    Savey Wavey
    I found your game very interesting but also very difficult. I sort of figured out how to throw people higher, but could not get past level 3. I liked your wave generator thing, and kind of like the game-play, but having the helicopter hover all over the place when only one survivor was left was very hard and made it a little frustrating. Maybe I just had to play longer to become Masta of da Waves to throw people perfectly with my savey waveys. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Sourcerous Salmon
    I am truly sorry that I didn't get to play test this. Your new prototype looks great as well! Although I don't particularly dabble in board game design I think it is very interesting. It is also something that I think is a good skill for electronic game dev as well, so maybe I should start trying to join in and learn some skills from the board game guys and girls. So to all of you, you rock and keep making paper based board games with scissors! (See what I did there?)

    Spacetime Invaders
    The version I have from the GGJ site I can't seem to activate the time waves around you, don't know if I just cant find the right key? I tried playing with a keyboard.
    Never the less, I saw your game at the meetup, and it looked quite cool, and I liked the time altering waves. I can't distinctly remember, but only the bullets and ships in the wave were affected by the change right? If so did you simply halve their speed values upon entering and reset when leaving? Or did you play with unity's time-step at all?

    Sun Eater
    Really liked your cut out style graphics. Really made your game stand out and have something different from the rest. Good work with that.
    I played the game a few times, more or less the typical infinite runner. I liked the boats, spawning in the water, birds in the air etc. I just want to know whether you can win? Since when you do die it says that the world has ended, so is it possible to eat enough suns to win the game?

    The Pope
    Haha this game was great. It is very very difficult, I could not win once. Don't know if I am missing a certain strategy, but it happens quite quickly that almost every group has a heathen in it and then you only have so many smites before there is no group you can wave at for favor. But none the less, I like the game. The concept and game-play is quite dark, but the sounds and art style make it quite hilarious. Good job overall.

    The Royal Wave
    Awesome job. *horns wave* I liked the signs, sounds and look of the game. It also feels quite well rounded/polished. Very good job for a game jam. One thing I wish this had though is a restart option instead of having to exit after a round. Gotta keep my subjects happy! {Side Note: This and The Pope is a great example of how even when closely related in theme, idea and a lot of things, a team's execution and take on it all can give greatly different results. Looking at the screenshots and reading the names of the games I thought they were more or less the same, but the game-play and art is different enough for it to feel distinctly different)

    This Game Blows
    Had a difficult time playing this one, since it needs the controller and the one I have (not XBOX) didn't seem to map correctly, so my blowing ability was linked directly to the aiming analog's right side, so if i wanted to blow left(or any direction other than right) I had to flick the analog stick left to right and that would move the ship little by little. Other than that I liked the concept, expanding on it could be interesting having to manage multiple ships at the same time and they keep their velocity for a while, so if you stop tending a ship to blow another one the first one might run into an island and get destroyed.

    Traffic Control
    Hey guys. Played the game with a friend, when we finally got some controllers going, as keyboard didn't seem to work? Wish they did and if possible try adding it next time, as people who want to try your game might not always have a controller at the ready. Other than that we enjoyed seeing how long we could last without causing an explosion. An in-game timer would be great though, it will help to keep players engaged having a solid measurement to go against. I have one question though that I couldn't get from the game's page or in-game; and that is how this ties to the waves theme? If it doesn't really and you just went at it and this is what came out, then great stuff! I feel that the theme is there to force/help some creativity, but if it hinders the process you should just go for whatever you feel like! instead of getting nothing done.

    Great concept, and for the duration of the game jam I think you executed it quite well. I haven't tried something like this before so I am curious as to the approach you took for doing this? Is it just a cube and for the navmesh agents(assuming) you set targets appropriately around it? Or was it hard coded, moving/lerping between target locations?
    Game-play wise, how exactly do the upgraded towers work and how many are there? As randomly I got some upgraded versions when building.
    Also up until what wave does the difficulty currently increase? As I built all around the map and left the game for about 30 minutes and it was still going, so I assume it is capped for now.
    Good job on the unique TD game, I am not sure if something like this exists, so good on ya! (I can imagine it does though, unfortunately)

    Waves Of Pleasure
    Oh, where to start.. I had not played this one before the meetup, so my first experience was at the meetup, along with the rest of the shocked and amazed group. So here are some of the reactions from around me: What!?; I never thought I'd see someone stimulating a tree..; That's amazing!;What on earth?;Ooh yeah that brain is sexy!
    I must say that most of those were in utter amazement and said quite positively. Your game is quite unique in the fact that no-one expected or ever saw something like it before. I can say the same.
    It is great though, and I think it might even have some potential as a game streamers/youtubers buy to play since their viewers want their reaction on it. Since it is raw and real. Overall you guys did a great job! Good job on the sound and animations especially!

    Wheelchair Wizards
    Loved the game-play. I found the game challenging but not frustrating. Where I enjoyed setting up shots to knock off the goblins while keeping myself in check. I only played this one alone so no co-op but I assume that just makes things all the more crazy and interesting.
    Great job overall. This feels as if it could be a great co-op game, if expanded some more. Wheelchaired wizards doing all sorts of crazy things, almost in the style of move or die. A multitude mini-games built around this core mechanic.

    Welcome To The Ambassador
    Really like the idea and execution behind this. It is silly and brilliant at the same time. Something I immediately showed to my friends as they had a similar idea for the jam. One mention, but this has already be said in the dedicated thread, is implementing a can't mess up kind of music system, or fine tuning the input so that it feels more controlled and like something you can master after a while. Sort of like QWOP where it seems completely impossible, but with enough practice you can really put something together.

    I already gave some feedback on this one in it's dedicated thread.

    Well done on your GGJ Game. The first level felt a little slow, as I could collect(radiate) all the cells quite quickly but then had to wait quite a while for the level to finish.
    The second level is quite interesting as I did get caught sometimes when the white blood-cell decides to just attack me, but I believe it is because he touched the cells I mutated? I guess that does make sense if I think about it like that, in game it felt more like why are you doing this haha.
    As I had to wait for the first level to finish to be able to try again, I played this less than I would've liked, simply because I had nothing to do in the first level but wait. I don't know but I feel this might tie into what the opening video said, if you are making a game with levels it might be better to just make one kickass level rather than trying to make it as if it were a full game with different levels with incrementing difficulty and interactions. Add all the interactions(that you have time for) you would like to the game to give people an idea of what the game would ultimately be like. I tend to agree with this since the people who will likely play your GGJ version of the game will not be super casual players and will likely have gaming experience.

    And that is that! Again good job to all! Keep Making Games, South Africa!
    (Let me know if I missed something or someone)
  • @vince thanks for the feed back on Welcome to The Ambassador, really hoping to put in some more work into it soon. All your points are 100% the direction I'd like to head.
  • @SUGBOERIE great to hear! Looking forward to making some tunes with some wobbly characters. Dunno if you've seen this but remembered it now from when I was younger: Make My People Sing
    Or this one: Incredibox
    Maybe you can get some ideas for later, or just have some fun for a while.
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