SweetFX shader suite (very cool and quick shader editng)

Hey . for anyone who wants a quick fix for applying changes to shaders , then this is for you!


this little tool lets you change the already existing shaders of any DX9 , 10 , 11 program or game , without having to open the shader files themselves. It uses something called "injector dll " which changes the shaders automatically . all you have to do is install it to your .exe directory , and edit the settings.txt file (say which effects to apply to shaders ) , save and exit . then launch your game or program , and the changes to your shaders should appear in the game. the official page says it is designed for shader model 3.0 , but they say it sometimes works for shader model 2.0 .

I think this is an awsome program, and Ive already tested it on my own 3d rad compiled project. It gave me a 3Impact error, but still runs with the applied effects , regardless of the error.

If you do try it , just make sure to read the readme.txt for directions for use and installation.

cool stuff. laters :P


  • I can understand gamers wanting to use something like this (especially for making older 3D games use more modern postprocessing methods), but I'm not sure how useful this is for developers. I mean, if you like the look that an external postprocess hack gives your game, then surely you'd just build them into your game in the first place?

    I mean, this is certainly cool. I'm just not seeing a direct use in game dev. Is there perhaps a way to view their shader source to see how they work?
  • I think its intended usage is for modding, where you don't have access to the source. I guess the question of, is modding game development is a different issue.
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  • Oh, fair enough.

    For the record, modding absolutely is game dev imo, though I've usually thought of modding as being super useful for entering game dev because of having to learn level design, game design, art/audio asset creation, etc. rather than linking someone else's 3rd party mod (without a source that I can see, though I'm mostly stuck on an iPad right now), where it feels like it's difficult to learn from it or make use of it except as a consumer. It'd be the same to me as posting that someone else (not from SA) had released a (closed source) game. It's not that it's not game dev, so much as that it does then feel a bit out of place.

    I'm not at all discouraging posting cool tech of course. XD
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  • I agree totally with ya'll guys comments. I thought that this tool was a quick fix , instead of manually changing every shader one at a time. And I suck pretty bad at programming , so it also addresses that lack of knowledge, in my case
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