Business Model Development

Hi Guys,

I'm busy developing the business model for my game, so what i'm stuck at is creating a user profile where i list customer jobs, pain and gains. in a way this will explain how can i create value for my users/players.

So has any one tried to develop their business model including user profile? do you mind sharing the template of your business model?

see the attached image, this is what i try to make sense of
638 x 383 - 40K


  • This is really who your players are. Questions you should ask yourself is what other games they play, what platforms they own, how much income they have (indicates how much they'd had to spend on games which are a luxury) etc.

    So, it could be something like:

    25-35 yr old women
    casual gamers - play mostly on their cellphone
    spend about $40 a month on games
    enjoy games like walking dead/interactive fiction
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