[Prototype] Physical cube interacting with game

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Along the same lines as the other totally useless things I've made, here is a thing I did today.
It isn't a game - just more experimentation with how we can bring hardware/"real" things into a game world.

So this is basically a little black cube that can interact with the stuff on-screen (and bonus points for the real cube getting a shadow in the game).

https://gfycat.com/ImmaculateAchingAmericanriverotter (just go here instead of watching the gif below)


  • That's really cool! Presumably you're using some sort of computer vision to do that? :)

    Or are you hacking it with some clever use of an accelerometer or something? :)
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  • Haha! This looks super cool! It's like a literal Deus ex machina. :D The shadow is a really nice touch.
  • Woo, front page of /r/gaming!

    @Bensonance, much simpler (and more reliable, and less latency) actually. I have conductive pads under the 3D printed cube. The number and position of those pads tells the code which object it is (and obviously how it is oriented). This also means that you can have a whole bunch of different shapes that the game can recognize.
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    It's been fun watching how much response this got. It was at the top of /r/gaming for a while, and then magically disappeared. I found out later that I had posted a few video links in response to comments, and that apparently made me break the rule about self-promotion. It's kind of crappy because the video I posted wasn't a self-promoting video, it was just showing more gameplay to address people that were saying it was fake. shrug

    On the topic of people saying it is fake...the internet really is a skeptical bunch. Probably 1/4 of the responses have been people saying it is fake.
    Reddit is such a nice place for healthy discussion
    I also got a message from someone on reddit saying that someone pretending to be me posted it on 9gag.

    It's still at the top of /r/unity3d, and is on the second page of the highest posts of all time. If only I could figure out how to get this many views on VALA stuff... :-/

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    Heh, "workthebait" even has a troll-like name. :P

    I think this is innovating in ways that VALA isn't, unfortunately. :/

    If you were to take something like this a bunch further, do you know how it'd work? Like, I imagine having to sell the physical objects with the things on the back could be quite a barrier.
  • I don't think it would ever really work commercially. It's fun to watch, and to use, but after the novelty wears off you're left with having to keep around the gaming peripheral equivalent of the Banana Slicer.

    Where is would work - and where I'd potentially like to expand this (or one of the other prototypes linked) - is at something like SFA.
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  • You should bring it to A MAZE Johannesburg - that's the birth place for weird and wonderful things :P.
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