[Event] JHB Community Night - 12 Feb 2013

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It is that time again, the next JHB community night is on the way.

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Tuesday the 12th February

Where: the Microsoft Offices at 3012, William Nicol, Bryanston.

- News
- Board Game Jam Feedback (Bensonance, ~20 minutes)
- GGJ Feedback (Rigormortis, ~20 minutes)
- Open Floor (show us what you are working on!)


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    It may be nice for Ben to talk a bit about the Board game jam: who was there, what they did, etc?
    I would like to speak for 5 mins to post a preliminary call for games, talks/workshops and presentations for this year's Amaze. I'll get the (as yet unofficial) information to the CT guys as well for you to brainstorm as well. It will still be exploratory, but its something that may be nice to have on the radar from the start of the year.
  • Hi Im a newcomer to the makegamesSA community and to actually seriously making games (have always tinkered around with it from a young age but never finished anything) now that Im actually done with studies. I am making a small free game in unity with a few friends of mine and when we came across this community and the meetup events we couldnt be happier to communicate and socialise with fellow local game developers.

    I just wanted to inquire any further details, like if we need to book a space for the meetup, more or less what happens at these meetups and anything specific that we should bring along or know about the meetup.

    Thanks, hope to mingle with the rest of south africa's gamedev talent soon.
  • @DeusExMachina, welcome! Glad to have you. :)

    To answer your questions directly...you don't need to book space, and there isn't anything specific you need to bring along. The format of the meetups are really informal, talks get added to this post by any one that has something to talk about. We start the evenings by milling about and eating pizza(provided by Microsoft). After that we listen to the talks and make random witty comments during someone else's talk. After that we stand around and talk about whatever until we have to go home.

    But just come and see...it's a lot of fun :) Also, look at this thread Global Game Jam, just in case you and your friends might be able to make it.
  • @deusExMachina Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you at the meets.
  • Maybe we should show the GGJ games as well?
  • @bensonance: Can you do a BoardGameJam feedback?

    @Rigormortis: Could you take control of the GGJ games and feedback by any chance?

    @deusExMachina: welcome, I hope we see you at the meeting! Also, if you have a prototype or something to show please bring it! We love looking at what people are working on.

    I can also spend 5~ minutes talking about One Game a Month and show of my and Duncan's January submission?
  • @edg3, sure, no problem. I'll contact the other people and ask them for stuff to show like photos and game screenshots.
  • @edg3 Yup I can do feedback for the Boardgame Jam.
  • Thanks guys, I'll put you guys down for 20 mins each, let me know if you need longer?

    Maybe can show a cool video? I have a bunch Ive watched I can pick from?
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    If anyone's interested in the stuff I've been doing recently in my art dump, I'd be happy to walk you through what I do.

    There's also that Journey stuff from last month, in case people didn't watch it. <_<
  • Awesome, looking forward to this. Keen to meet more people and discuss my Master's thesis with a few ppl. If you are interested to know what it is about check link: http://makegamessa.com/discussion/469/masters-research-project-#Item_1

  • Can someone handle the welcomes, introductions and who talks when? I wont be able to make it.
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    Photo from the event last night. Special thank you to @Bensonance, @Rigormortis & @damousey for reporting back on the Boadgame jam and the Global Game Jam in JHB and CT. And a warm welcome to all the new people who attended
    640 x 480 - 89K
  • sorry i missed it, was working overtime :(
  • Was a great session, nice reportbacks, want more boardgame jam :)
  • Want more playing and playtesting of games!

    Was great seeing the shooter thing that Dirkie and his friend (sorry, forgot his name) have been working on. :)
  • Sorry for missing it, my deadlines this week were all screwy -_-
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    Hey, I just joined makegamessa (I was unaware of the existence of this community), so hello.

    Do these meetups occur at a scheduled time, or even regularly? If so, what is the schedule; or the interval / pattern for these meetups?
  • Welcome to the site and community @Blanky,

    The meetups happen every second Tuesday of the month. So the next one will be the 12th of March. It starts at about 18h30 but there are usually people around before that. It happens in Auditorium 1 which is down the hall to your right when you enter the MS building.
  • Thank you Rigormonstrous,

    I will definitely be looking to join when my Tuesdays free up (from class).
  • You can also now be notified of events via the Johannesburg Meetup
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