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Lemme kick this off right here :) Post your #LDJAM #LD37 games here! :)

2D Cat Wants Out




You are 2D Cat. In a 3D world. And you want out. Noone is around to let you out though, and this ROOM is a DISGRACEFUL MESS! Gonna have to find your way out!

I think I really like the idea here, but I had major problems fleshing out really good puzzles that took advantage of the system. PUZZLE PLATFORMERS ARE HARD YO. I hope to collaborate with someone with a much more puzzle-oriented mind to get some more interesting levels in this :) Or maybe I'm short a 180 flip mechanic. Well, it's there, I just didn't implement it, wanted to get the most out of the 90 degree turn first.

Enjoy! :D
500 x 349 - 1M


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    Congrats on getting your game completed in on time! Looks great! Will try to play it this evening after work :)

    I unfortunately did not manage to come close to finishing :'(
    I will probably try to carry on working on it and post it once it is in some sort of playable state.

    One of these days I will figure out this whole Ludam Dare thing \:D/
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  • @Tuism Looking Good! Haven't had time to even take a screenshot of the game we are busy with! Should have it finished tonight then I will throw my screenshots here :D
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    Made a weird round-based action game. Your bullets don't hurt enemies, so you have to reflect their own bullets back at them and their friends.

    It's my first time doing a jam where I did everything, including art and music/sound. Been a huge learning curve lol. Didn't jam particularly intensely, but I was happy that a got a draft of the idea out - it can be pretty fun when the prediction algorithm doesn't bug out.

    Wanted to add a bunch of enemy types to make the aiming/reflecting more interesting, but I didn't want to crunch too hard.

    Was fun!
    Mind over muitions.PNG
    528 x 357 - 12K
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    Cabin Fever


    Didn't know what to make, so started making a single room environment driven story, where interactions with the environment inform the narrative (kinda like Going Home). I unfortunately didn't get all the elements I wanted in, and couldn't get all the narrative objects in.

    Didn't crunch too much on the compo, worked about half of Saturday and most-ish of Sunday.
    I did the jam primarily to force myself to sit with Blender and do some 3D modelling.

    I think I will probably improve this though, I really want to get the story out, and it will be a nice learning experience to improve the models, and create a better environment and atmosphere.

  • Survive the Barbaric Vikings
    We couldn't finish all the ideas we had due to time restrictions but we are happy with the outcome and we learned quite a few tricks.

    Check it out and see how many waves of Barbaric Vikings you can survive.
  • Go Away Kitty

    Le girlfriend and I made a game about a Kitty and a birdy stuck in the same room. The player is confined to the cage whilst the cat pops up around the room and tries eat you. You have to spit seeds at him to keep him away (left mouse button). You can reload your seeds by tapping R on your food trough. If you miss him 5 times he eats you.

    At least that's what was intended. I think the gameplay is a bit derpy and I'm not sure that it works 100% of the time. This is the first jam where I did all the coding, so there's bound to be many bugs and ALL the derp.



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    @BestNickname, @rawhed and I created "Gotta Herd'em All".

    Its out attempt at making a game with all the logic + rendering done in shaders (Unity CG shaders), in an attempt to learn shader programming a bit better (except the procedural audio done in c#). We ended up having to keep the gameplay super simple, but hey it kinda worked!



    For some reason the mac build runs in editor but just completely fails when we build it :/
    Damn platform/api inconsistencies!
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  • What's up with all the games that are Windows only :(
    I've rated all the games that aren't Windows only so far :)
    Good job everyone! :)
  • @creative360 On my PC I can see some flashes of patients outside the waiting room, but they last for one frame and my score goes down. I'm pretty certain I'm not seeing the game as intended. I can't imagine what the problem is though (as my GPU programming knowledge is too limited).
  • Thanks @EvanGreenwood we will look into it. We've had tons of trouble with shader inconsistencies already :P
  • Flip

    I made a puzzle platformer where the goal is to touch each of the switches, but each time you most objects you touched on the way will be flipped over to be solid if they weren't before, and vice versa.

    Not the prettiest game, but I went for it solo and ended up not pushing too hard until halfway through Sunday.
  • Some other SA entries I've seen around:

    Crawlout is a quiet survival game about the importance of home.


    There is a light
    A very emotive micro Twine game.


    Cubby Crypt
    Tetris meets a dungeon creator?

    888 x 500 - 54K
    900 x 468 - 84K
    900 x 466 - 52K
  • Results are out :)

    Both Cubby Crypt and Ludum Dynamics broke the top 25 for overall in the comp and jam respectively :).

    Here are my results. For my first solo jam, in a jam that I didn't jam the full time, I'm really happy with the results. Particularly that innovation score :).

    LD37 Results.PNG
    233 x 274 - 8K
  • We had a great time in our first Ludum Dare. Love the 3 days format feels like just enough time to polish and still get some sleep. Really impressed to see so many good entries from local teams. We certainly will take part in another Ludum Dare.

    Ludum Dynamics scored well in the areas we specifically were working hard on like mood. :) very happy with the results, except our coolness. We totally got to work on being more cool.

    248 x 260 - 37K
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