[Jam Project] Gly'd - A small interactive artpiece/artgame

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Hi all! Ok so, I'm not living in SA anymore, do I still count? I'd like to start sharing some projects I've been working on because you all are cool cats that I want to share with B-)


"Dive into the void through an ever changing infinity, pull back and glide to hold the moment, and make it last."

You can Download the game here

This game was made at ZooMachines in Lille over 2 days by 4 ridiculously talented people (and me). We wanted to focus on the artistic aspects of it, rather than consider it a game. So I guess this is an art piece more than a game(?)

Not looking for specific feedback, we are really proud of how it turned out but let me know what you like, dislike, what you think would improve the messages you get from it (and what messages you do get from it if you do)


P.S: If anyone has experience with upside down image effects on mac please give me a shout! I don't have one to test on so I can't release a mac build! :o


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