A love letter to MGSA from afar

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Recently came across the "war" for game maker dominance in South Africa (or whatever that is) and in light I managed to blurt out a response to it in the other thread. I was probably stepping into something that I needed not bother with but it did get me thinking about the community here. So, if you have a moment, I would like to say a small, happy, and perhaps rose-tinted letter about MGSA and you lovely people.

MGSA has had its growing pains, it will continue to do so as well all figure out what we are and what we stand for. I'm lucky that I've been able to be part of a couple of communities on my travels in the EU. Each one had an identity and values they heald dear. These sometimes changed with new people, sometime new people changed with it. But even if it was just "Fuck it we are doing whatever and having fun" it was still something they would carry with them (or modified if they felt the need to). My favorite groups thought deeply about what they were doing.

MGSA always have, it's not always been easy and things have shifted over time (recent example of the IESA split I thought was a good one, it did feel a bit schizophrenic before). So I've thought about what this group has been for me. What are the things that are important. Maybe I'm wrong or my views are distorted with time. But I'll say that for whatever other groups or communities that may exist in SA, if I ever come back to SA I'll head straight to you all because you are polite, professional, sensitive, beautiful game maker humans and these are the people I want to engulf my time with.

I owe a lot to my time in Europe but I would be nowhere if MGSA (and its Google group proto form) hadn't been around for me to get in touch with you wonderful people when I was starting out.



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