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Hi , I have set up blog , with art and game stuff , I wanted to add the link to my profile ,subtle like ,but I dont see an option for it, so I decided to make this post
I am not sure if this link works as i have never tried to set up blog . They say it might not be indexed by search engines yet
If you would like to take a look then its here

Any comments would be appreciated
Thank you .


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    Thanks for looking guys I will keep posting there , more current stuff hopefully.
  • Lots of potential there I think! Keep at it! :D

    I think your sculpts are lacking a bit of structure/design, and I think that'd generally make you slower (because of going back and forth over details before the base shapes and proportions are in place). I think it'd be a good direction to study some more anatomy, but also to do other studies where you really push the shapes as extreme as you can, until just before it "breaks", to try not be so "safe" either.
  • @watson some great work man keep it up
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    Anatomy is definitely one of my worse skills , that is why I just make busts ,I will take a look my anatomy videos ,maybe just sculpt one body part at time ,thanks for your advice and thanks for the comments
  • I especially like the landscape art you've done. Can i ask how you went about doing the silhouette drawings?
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    Hi Sigh_leeeee , to answer your question , The silhouette drawings were done in Photoshop using some custom brushes that I downloaded from various sites , with the opacity set to 100% , and use the same or similar brush for the eraser . just random strokes with a general idea,
    I do bunch in a short amount of time , then I choose the ones I like and try to refine them a bit. There plenty of ways to do these silhouettes ,markers on paper also works well especially if it has a broken tip or brush tip .Thank you comments and I hope that answer makes just look around on the web there are a lot free tutorials and videos
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