Presentation is key, amirite?

Let me start off by saying this isn't linked to the curious position one might themselves in during the game making process (i could be in the future),

but! for now i am just curious... as a youngling of sorts.

What would stop this platform from having better profile construction and tools, spotlights for the various aspects of game industry roles and professions and a home page that isnt so daunting and ,if I may offer a bit of criticism based on my opinion, a tad chaotic.

At present I'm pretty excited to have stumbled on this site, and happy to be able to see whats going on in my immediate community of game dev, but i cant help but feel that the experience could be streamlined. Of course resources would like time, money and man power are necessary, but i guess what im asking are the specifics of those like what kind of man power would be required, or where would resources have to be spent and on what?
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  • Thanks for bringing this up. I think most of us agree that we could do a much better job of presentation (and it was better in the past, then disappeared during some kind of major forum software update, and then just wasn't restored).

    As far as I know @DaveRussellSA is the forum admin. Aside from that, we're more self-organised. We had a wiki, but spambots messed it up pretty badly. We had welcome pages and stuff in the works, and that just never happened. It's pretty embarrassing.

    On the plus side, some of the country's most successful and most experienced game devs lurk around here, so it's still probably one of the best places to get answers to specific questions, and you're likely to get much better quality replies (from people who've actually been there, done that, and absolutely know their stuff) than in similar South African game dev communities.
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