[Prototype]Investigation Technique 9

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Not totally sure what I'm going for here. It's a fighting / investigation thing. I can only start imagining the animation counts for large fighting games.

Oh also hope it's okay that I'm using @EvanGreenwood / @freelives Shader, it's so cool!

Left and right mouse buttons and wasd or arrow keys

When opponent is broken you can start the interrogation with right mouse button.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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    I see your applying the TV series 24's concept of investigation!

    (I'd suggest that if you go this route for "investigation" you should ideally make it a bit self-aware... it is actually kind of harmful that a lot of people think torture and violence are good methods of extracting information, and TV shows like 24 contribute to this... but if you can highlight how ridiculous beating people up to do detective work I'd think you're onto a super cool concept, and I think your work naturally tends towards humour, so I'd expect you could pull it off... though obviously worrying about this isn't the first step)

    Regarding the shader: It's a shader @Elyaradine made for Free Lives for Genital Jousting. You're welcome to use it so long as you make rad games with it. Making shitty games with it, or not making games and while having it on your harddrive, is against the terms of use.
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  • @EvanGreenwood, thanks for the feedback, these are good and valid concerns I had not thought of, also excellent news about the shader! Thanks Elyaradine :D
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  • @Pomb Haha I have just downloaded it and tested. It is simple, but you achieved a nice effect :)
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