[Comp I] Fireflies

Hi all!

I've started working on what I hope will be a simple puzzley-exploration game, involving a cluster of hive-minded fireflies.


I'm intending for this to have a mix of exploration and puzzle elements. I'm hoping to create the kind of puzzles in which the player has to interpret what these clusters of fireflies are trying to communicate, as well as use them to solve the puzzle. Ultimately though, I'd also just like to create a lovely environment with a stunning effect created by the fireflies, so I'll keep working to that end.
I'm not yet sure what the mysterious element will be, but it'll probably involve these things not actually being fireflies.

WASD: Move
Space: Jump
Right click: Grab/release firefly cluster
R: Restart

Download latest builds at: plaything.itch.io/fireflies


  • I've got my first build going - you can download it here: plaything.itch.io/fireflies. I'm updating the OP with new details too.

    There's still not really that much to the game right now, but I'm really happy with how the firefly behaviour is going, and the systems I have for controlling them. This build introduces one of the slightly less interesting "puzzles" I have in mind, but I wanted to get something out there for some feedback.
  • The coding behind this is so cool :D !

    Currently working on my own puzzle game to practise with VR, but let me know if you need any help with 3D modeling and such :)

    Keep up the awesome work looking forward to more.
  • Thanks @sumisukyo!

    Unfortunately I haven't really put much more into this. I never really settled on a proper narrative for the mystery elements, or even found any compelling mechanics to work towards. The few directions I had in mind all required way too many assets to tell the story, so the scope got away from me. Life also got in the way, as it does.

    Anyway, I've learned a few things about scoping for a story-based game, and had a lot of fun learning more about modelling in blender. I'll try to scope smaller for the next compo.

    Good luck guys!
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