[Event] Johannesburg Community Evening - 13 September 2016

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This event happens monthly, is free to attend and anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment in the thread below to let us know!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Tuesday 12 July
Where: Microsoft Campus Bryanston, 3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston, Johannesburg. Auditorium 2

- 6:30 - 7:00 Grab food elsewhere + bonding time
- Community News (5 min)

- Unity Tips @Stray_Train (15 min)
- AMA IRL @Elyaradine

- Game Presentation 1 (10 min)
- Game Presentation 2 (10 min)

- Playtest Pitchathon (if you're playtesting a game, we ask that you give a 30 second pitch to the room about what the game is, before we all break off and play things).

Bring your games and set them up inside the auditorium before and after the meetup!

Board game prototypes can and will be played so bring along your prototypes!

If you intend to attend, please indicate so on the Facebook event (Not mandatory, so don't worry if you don't have/use Facebook)


  • Sorry about this going up so late: normally do this after the CT meetup is done, but that was during AMaze >_>

    Also I'm not 100% sure about the venue, but I'll update that when I hear from MS.
  • I said I should be going - hopefully people use Facebook correctly and also say theyre going and hopefully I do get there. Will talk to people and find out things in a correct way (and I hope I finish making the start of the game I chose to programe).

    It will be good to hear from Stray Train (I do remember he does things well!) but unfortunately I cant offer to show or teach things (because of the weird things that have changed me).
  • @Karuji Any possibility of recording these sessions for those that simply cannot make it? If it's already happening is it available somewhere to download?
  • Hey guys. Don't have a Facebook account but will attend, and will try to get some of the other students at our campus to come along. Looking forward to it.
  • @CuCl3 we did some recordings ages ago, the sound quality was crap :/ Eventually I'll try and get my own camera and such.

    @Vince updated the post to say FB isn't mandatory ;) all are welcom irrespective of their buy into social mega-corps.
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  • Camera phones today are pretty good if you have the charge. Would be valuable if possible!
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    I left my driver's licence in CT. <_<

    Is there perhaps someone's returning to the East Rand afterwards? It would be awesome to get a lift to my folks in Edenvale.

    [edit] Sorted, thanks Ben! :)
  • Is there a second talk?

    I remember about a year ago or so, Luke did a sort of Q&A/AMA-type thing that seemed to be well-received. If there's interest, I'd be pretty happy to do a similar kind of thing.
  • @Elyaradine sounds great \:D/


    @ Everyone we're back in Auditorium 2 this month!
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    This would probably be the first jozi meetup I'm missing all of the MGSA years. The other Asian @elyaradine I leave the token to you :P *passes the Asian token*

    Enjoy it guys :D
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  • Thanks guys, sorry I had to leave early. Was a great game dev meet! One day I will be able to help again...
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  • Was awesome guys learnt some new tricks I can try out and good luck to @Elyaradine with the new position. @Stray_Train never mentioned why you need the System.Serializable attribute, unless I missed it. But if I remember correctly it was tied to the UnityEvent so I guess it's to ensure what ever changes you make in the Editor as to what method it should fire gets saved?

    Good news is everyone who came along with me enjoyed it and we might be able to make the trip more often as it is more economical :)
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  • Thanks guys. It was really cool to meet you all.

    I have a suggestion. We should organise a Meetup page since the DeveloperUG is already meeting at the same venue. The site makes it easy to RSVP and setup recurring dates. Then we don't have to trawl the forums looking for the next forum post. Here's the link to the Dev meet for reference: http://meetup.com/DeveloperUG/
  • @KamikazeHamster there used to be a makegamessa page on meetup.com, but we eventually dropped it as it:
    1. Was costing the organisation monthly fees (that means someone had to pay it out of their own pocket as the organisation doesn't have its own money)
    2. Wasn't really reaching any new audiences it otherwise wouldn't have without the meetup page

    If you're interested in attending the meetup regularly, it's simply the second tuesday of every month. There is also a Facebook page that posts the events, as well as a twitter.
  • Tuism said:
    If you're interested in attending the meetup regularly, it's simply the second tuesday of every month. There is also a Facebook page that posts the events, as well as a twitter.
    I'm definitely interested in coming again. Since I'm already going to the DeveloperUG, I plan to stick around each month. Thanks for the feedback.

    Point 1 is interesting. I wasn't aware of the cost for Meetups. It might be possible to talk the sponsors of the DevUG to sponsor it, since they are already paying for one meetup. Their sponsors even give out prizes every month! Perhaps we could approach game companies to get them to cover the cost. Maybe we could talk @Fengol into getting Microsoft to sponsor the page? *wink wink nudge nudge*

    Alternatively, I work for BBD and they might help. Would you like me to ask?

    Point 2 is not really a worry. I just find it convenient to have Meetup mail me every month with the lineup about the talks. However, if we have sponsors paying for the page, they might actively help in marketing the talk? Is growing the audience important right now?
  • So it's kinda been brought up before that when we have a Meetup that people didn't use it. Beyond the basics of paying and sponsor I've got two problems with it.

    1: It's more admin for me, and time is finite. I'd rather put what time I've got into finding interesting talks rather than setting up more platforms.

    2: MeetUp – as far as I have seen – has a very specific group of people who use it. It's mostly software devs with well paying full time jobs who have more of a cursory interest in making games, and that's kinda a specific niche to be putting effort into.
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  • @vince it's because there are restrictions in the c++ side of Unity that prevent it from serializing generics. Your guess is correct :) If a parent class is serializable, that doesn't make a child class automatically serializable (I stand to be corrected on this though)
  • Ah okay cool, that's quite interesting. Thanks for the reply!
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