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@karl182 and I have been getting ready to release Riders of Asgard to Steam Greenlight. We however wanted to give everyone here an opportunity to take the game for a run and give us any feedback that you can. This is the same version of the game that I will be taking to the Durban meetup later on this month.

Riders of Asgard is a fun and challenging Viking BMX game. Unlock new maps and gain access to previously unreachable places by completing Challenges and earning Stat points to upgrade your rider. Riders of Asgard will feature a full single player campaign as well as local mutli-player modes to take on you friends.

Riders of Asgard is much more than your average run-of-the-mill, Viking BMX game. It’s a historically correct Viking BMX game, with historically accurate Viking bikes and locations.

So go ahead! Be the Biking Viking!

Choose Your Path - Play the level as you see fit and choose your own path to pull off the best tricks and unlock the special bar.

Choose Your Style - Use the gold you earn while playing the game to upgrade your bike and viking.

Choose Your Tricks - While you play, choose your trickset and use those tricks to earn more points and climb the leaderboard.

Choose Your Opponents - One of the later releases will include full multiplayer support, take on your friends and out trick them.

Choose Your Control - The game has full support for game controllers and the developers actually reccomend playing the game using a controller.

IndieDB Page - http://www.indiedb.com/games/riders-of-asgard
Game Jolt Page - http://gamejolt.com/games/riders-of-asgard/179184
Itch.IO Page - https://gobbogames.itch.io/riders-of-asgard

The game is going to be released on PC and we will provide packages for Windows (32 and 64), Linux, and Mac. We are currently just finalising the items needed for Steam Greenlight and we will then put the game there and see what happens.

Here are some screenshots.









Riders of Asgard - Screenshot09.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 240K
Riders of Asgard - Screenshot01.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 244K
Riders of Asgard - Screenshot02.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 247K
Riders of Asgard - Screenshot03.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 190K
Riders of Asgard - Screenshot04.jpg
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Riders of Asgard - Screenshot05.jpg
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Riders of Asgard - Screenshot06.jpg
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Riders of Asgard - Screenshot07.jpg
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Riders of Asgard - Screenshot08.jpg
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512 x 512 - 184K


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    I had a quick play, didn't get far, some thoughts are below.

    -Controls are very awkward, not sure why you went with WASD+NUM while having the primary key be NUM0. Maybe something a bit more traditional would be more appropriate, WASD+QE+Space or allowing the player to map the keys maybe.
    -Tutorial is very helpful, but due to the pausing and the control scheme, it's very easy to miss what you are supposed to do. For instance you need NUM0 pressed, and then do a trick with NUM7+NUM9, but the tutorial requires ENTER to proceed, so it's either pressing the NUM-ENTER and then re-positioning the right hand or taking the left hand to the normal ENTER, which requires you to adjust the left hand back during the trick. Using space bar instead of enter for confirmation might be more comfortable as it's just the free left thumb that needs to move.
    -Nothing happens after time has expired, the character and level just stay there, I was expecting a 'replay' button instead of having to go back to the main menu.
    -Score increases if you jump when not moving, it's possible to get a high score by just staying on the start line and jumping.

    The game looks very nice, it screams of polish, from sound to the levels to the UI. It's just that the keyboard controls are very non-standard, I didn't even get past the first 'depth' maneuver (when you move into the 3d world) because of the controls. Not sure if you require all the NUM keys, but WASD+QE+SPACE+ARROWS somehow seem more appropriate. I also kind of wished that I didn't need to do so much work, was hoping that the path would be predefined in 3D space and that I only had to do tricks.
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  • Hi @critic!
    Thank you very much for giving it a try and for your feedback! We really appreciate it a whole lot.
    We have tried a bunch of different control schemes for the keyboard and on each type we had different players like another type better. The current controls are based a lot on the earlier Tony Hawk games. You make a lot of very good points and we are aiming to eventually have a control customization system in place, or at least allow the player to select from a few different control schemes.

    As for the tutorial, we tried a few things from a timing running down, to pressing the correct button to unpause and do the current action, but people often accidentally pressed the button and missed the instructions. so we settled on having to press enter. on a controller you press A which is much easier, but I don't know why we didn't think of having the player press SPACE! :) it is an excellent idea and it will be going to the top of the To-Do list.

    After the timer runs out you can press R or Backspace to start a new run.(another thing we can easily just add a prompt. This is an excellent example of why we are doing the Alpha demo release :))

    Mmm I never realized you could rack up a score by just pumping in place. We should keep that on the down-low...(until we fix it) :)

    Leaving the depth movement to the player allows the player to find his/her own paths through the level, and opens up a world of possible routes. Once you get the hang of it it really deepens the gameplay a lot.

    Thank you very much for the kind words and your valuable feedback. We are taking it all to heart and will be trying-out and implementing every bit of feedback we get, so that the game can truly be the best it can be.

    Thanks again!

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  • I played for 10 minutes using my XBox One controller.

    If will mainly stick to specific critical feedback here, since it's obvious that the game overall is very polished in terms of look and feel. It fully supports controller play, which is great. I think if you deal with some of the specific pain points, you'll be in a very good position.

    I find it strange that releasing the accelerate button would also automatically then perform a jump. It might be one of those mechanics where you as the developer understand the reasoning behind it, but it's not obvious to the player. Or, the player is missing something they're not aware of.

    The "Transfer Direction" mechanic is probably meant to give some depth or multiple paths to a level, not sure. But I find it gets in the way and I don't know when I'm supposed to transfer where. I think for accessibility, just having a linear path would be better - at least for a starter level where the player has no idea what's going on. Or, instead of the "choose transfer direction" mechanic, why not just push the stick in a particular direction to go there, with a pop-up on the screen showing the possible directions when you enter a particular zone.

    Overall I think the majority of issues to potentially resolve have to do with controls and control mechanics like the transfer thing.

    Will give it another shot now.

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  • @mgeorgedeveloper
    Thank you very much for trying it out.

    The accelerate/jump setup was implemented after a few other options was tried. the reason to do it this way was to avoid having 3 different buttons for accelerate, jump and dive. On the gamepad we could make A jump, but the keyboard was making things a bit tricky. So we decided to go for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater approach of releasing the button to jump. But I think we will definitely give players more control options in later releases to suite all different play preferences.

    The transfer mechanic is also a bit of a tricky one. I think it should be explained better in the game, as we are so used to it by now that it all feels natural, but new players seem to struggle a bit.
    You will see the lane transfer arrows on the bottom left of the screen. If there is an up or down arrow, it means you can transfer "inward" or "outward" in the level. We did it this way to allow the player to cue up the transfer and then have their hand free to do some cool tricks as soon as they leave the ramp.
    We will try to make this clearer in the game, and maybe even wait to introduce the mechanic a few levels into the final game, to give the player some time to learn the basics before adding more.

    Thanks again for the feedback and for trying it out!
    We really appreciate it!

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  • Got a message from a Game Jolt user with a link to him playing the game:

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  • The official trailer is now ready:
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  • @quintond - very well done :)
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  • Psyinx said:
    @quintond - very well done :)
    Thanks ... @karl182 needs credit for the trailer and the concept of the game ... and that music is all his own work ... 8-}
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    Vote for us on Steam Greenlight:

    150 x 51 - 4K
  • Voted, good luck.
    Thanked by 2quintond karl182
  • critic said:
    Voted, good luck.
    Thanks for the vote, it is much appreciated. @karl182 and my nerves are shot. 8-}
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  • Congrats man!
    Great reading all the positive comments :)
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  • roguecode said:
    Congrats man!
    Great reading all the positive comments :)
    Thanks man ... I also managed to convert a guy who wanted nothing to do with the game to play it and like it. I told myself from the beginning that I will not be deleting any negative comments and will rather try to get them to change their mind.

    Obviously if the comment is in breach of Steam Guidelines then it will be removed ... so far my policy seems to be working and we are making good progress.
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  • Voted +, Good luck. Its interesting to read the comments, some people come across as trolls, but if you actually engage with them politely they actually can be turned, so there you go :P

    Thanked by 2quintond karl182
  • Voted +, Good luck. Its interesting to read the comments, some people come across as trolls, but if you actually engage with them politely they actually can be turned, so there you go :P
    Thanks for the vote and support.
    Thanked by 1karl182
  • Thanks from me as well to everyone for their amazing support so far!
    And thanks @quintond for the awesome way you are handling all the comments and promotional stuff!
    It is really awesome to see how people react positively when treated with respect.
    Well done!
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    We have updated our press kit page now: http://press.gobbogames.co.za/sheet.php?p=riders_of_asgard

    Choose Your Path - Play the level as you see fit and choose your own path to pull off the best tricks and unlock the special bar.

    Choose Your Style - Use the gold you earn while playing the game to upgrade your bike and viking.

    Choose Your Tricks - While you play, choose your trickset and use those tricks to earn more points and climb the leaderboard.

    Choose Your Opponents - One of the later releases will include full multiplayer support, take on your friends and out trick them.

    Choose Your Control - The game has full support for game controllers and the developers actually reccomend playing the game using a controller.
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  • Voted :) Lovely graphics!
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    @jackshiels - Thank you very much for the support and the vote.

    So we are going along nicely and the two main issues that have been raised are:
    1). The keyboard controls.
    2). The tutorial pausing.

    We are going to look at addressing these and they should be as simple as changing the bindings and moving the tutoiral triggers to a different location.

    Here is another video of the game being played by Cryptic Hybrid:

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  • Voted. Good luck guys. :)
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  • @konman: Thanks very much for the vote and the support. 8-}
  • Somehow missed this was on greenlight - voted and favourited :)
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  • @dammit: Thank you kindly. *humble bow*
  • We have released the Linux build now, those that want to try it out can do so at http://www.ridersofasgard.com/

    We have also just finished with the Mac build and that will be uploaded later on this evening.

    @karl182: Has also recorded an awesome tutorial video for us that takes you through the tutorial and then he proceeds to show off his moves in the game ... makes me realise how much I suck at this game. 8-}

    The video will be uploaded later on today.
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  • @karl182 has created an awesome tutorial video for us.

    Randomise User has also recored his game play in a video.

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  • Woke up this morning to see that Riders of Asgard was listed on the front page of Game Jolt this made our Game Jolt Page views rocket to 2.2k and our plays climg to 860 ... not to mention all the comments I had to respond to.


    I also received a message on Facebook from a representative of CHIP magazine in Poland, they want to include Riders of Asgard on their FREE DVD for the 11/2016 edition of the magazine. More publicity for us ... 8-}

    The Steam Greenlight votes are coming in again after stagnating over the weekend. We still have a fair way to go but the comments are mainly positive, so the team is optimistic and remaining positive.

    I will leave you with some more screen-shots, compliments of @karl182 as well as him showing us how the game should be played.



    1431 x 883 - 283K
    1600 x 900 - 348K
    1600 x 875 - 217K
    1600 x 875 - 239K
  • Voted! Good luck! Love the art style :P
    Thanked by 2quintond karl182
  • @atomicdomb - Thanks for the vote and support. I responded to you on steam and then saw the post here ... 8-}
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  • Hi everyone!

    We have updated Riders of Asgard!
    Alpha v0.0.2.1 is now available on our website at www.ridersofasgard.com
    We have improved the tutorial, added an additional keyboard control scheme(that can be selected in the options menu), and fixed various bugs that was reported by the community.

    We are doing well on Greenlight but we still need you votes, so please go support us on Steam Greenlight!

    Thanks again for all your feedback and support so far!

    800 x 200 - 37K
    576 x 315 - 313K
  • We were sitting at 92% yesterday, I clicked refresh and we then jumped to #95 out of 1700+ games. I started doing some other work and about 15 minutes later I hit the refresh button again (just before I was about to close the browser) and I had a huge green banner on the front of the page ... followed a few minutes later by an email.


    Yahoooooooooooooo ... we have been greenlit ... 21 days in and with 793 Yes votes (55%), 604 No votes (42%), and 55 Ask Me Later votes (4%) ... total votes was 1 452 and unique vistors was 1 876.

    We have 52 followers, but our biggest page hits were on Game Jolt (13.4k views, 4.8k plays, 41 ratings, and 188 followers).

    Makes me think that we should also look at providing a version for Game Jolt as we seem to have a nice following there as well.

    Itch did not perform as well and I am in two minds about using them again.

    IndieDB also performed well and remained consistent throughout the process but still didn't come close to the Game Jolt stats.

    So now it is time to do all the paperwork, integrate the Steam Works API and get the next build ready ... exciting times. 8-}
    1294 x 844 - 523K
  • Congrats dudes!
    Thanked by 2quintond karl182
  • Well done, great news!
    Thanked by 2karl182 quintond
  • Well done guys, you've come a long way :D
    Good luck with finishing up the rest of your game!
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  • Thank you very much to all of you for your support and votes! Yeah now we need to get this done! :) There is a lot to be done but I think we have everything pretty well planned out. (I hope):D I am currently working on the Local Multiplayer, and it is coming along nicely.
    It is already a lot of fun riding around with another player and trying to knock them off their bike. :)
    We will keep you updated.

    Thanks again for the support!

    Thanked by 1Elyaradine
  • Hi Everyone!
    We have released Version 0.0.4 of Riders of Asgard.
    Download it for FREE here: http://ridersofasgard.com/download.php
    We added a lot since the previous release, including Online Leaderboards, a new Girl Viking character and bunch of new tricks!
    We also now have an Auto-Transfer-Assist system, that can be enabled in the Options Menu.
    This helps the player by following a set path through the level and allowing them to concentrate on the tricks and controls. Players can then deactivate the system when they are ready to take transferring into their own hands, and find their own unique lines through the levels.

    We have also added a Leaderboard that allows players to compete online for the highest score.

    Each new Character will have their own set of 4 Advanced tricks as well, and Ula brings with her the Suicide No-Hander, Double Seatgrab, Barrel Roll and the Nothing Front Bike Flip!

    Thank you very much for your continued support!
    We really appreciate it a whole lot!

    Have an awesome day!

    RidersOfAsgard-Win64-Shipping 2016-10-26 08-14-30-02.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 276K
    RidersOfAsgard-Win64-Shipping 2016-10-26 08-15-10-41.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 271K
    RidersOfAsgard-Win64-Shipping 2016-10-26 08-20-00-32.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 207K
    RidersOfAsgard-Win64-Shipping 2016-10-26 08-19-38-99.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 170K
  • Hey Q,

    Do you mind If I play this on my Youtube Channel ?

    Love the game GOOD LUCK !

    We have a Durban meet up soon ? Cant wait to break this game again xD
  • @sumisukyo Hi!
    You are more than welcome to play this on your Channel! :D
    Thank you very much!
  • sumisukyo said:
    Hey Q,

    Do you mind If I play this on my Youtube Channel ?

    Love the game GOOD LUCK !

    We have a Durban meet up soon ? Cant wait to break this game again xD
    Hey man ... as Karl said, you are more than welcome to play it on your channel.

    Just hit me up with the link when you are done so I can add it to our playlist here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsuHFnEJ65WzXdJJufmdLhIUw1rGFozOV) and do the social media thing on Twitter on Facebook. 8-}

    Keen to get you guys trying the split-screen multiplayer at the meetup ... see what you guys think.
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    @karl182 and I have been quite busy with Riders of Asgard and we are now getting ready to release v0.0.5 of Riders of Asgard and this release includes not only a new map but also our new game modes.

    Free Ride:
    Take your time and practice your skills - there is no time limit but you can't complete challenges or beat high scores.

    Timed Run:
    You only have 2 minutes to get the highest score you possibly can, and get your name on the leaderboards.

    Take on challenges - this time try to complete them all as quickly as possible to get your name on the leaderboards.

    Survive by performing tricks to keep your special bar filled up and if you crash or it runs out your attempt is over.


    The new version builds on the new female character from v0.0.4 and more tricks by adding the new Hammer Throw special and the ability to upgrade your hammer. The hammer is used to destroy parts of the level that are destructible and thus enables you to reach parts of the level you couldn't before.



    Finally, this release will also include not only the leaderboards for the new game modes but also the ability to share your high scores on the Riders of Asgard Twitter page (@ridersofasgard).


    This version will be one of the last versions we release before we start the work of Steam Integration in preparation for the final release in the first quarter next year. Along the way, we may release some more updates that include new maps and items during this period, but as the game stands now it is feature complete and now needs to content to make it a complete game.

    Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed the update.
    Riders of Asgard - Hammer01.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 351K
    Riders of Asgard - Hammer06.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 315K
    1920 x 1080 - 228K
    1260 x 655 - 94K
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  • I really like the atmosphere and style of your game ,the movement mechanics and tricks . Well done guys !
  • This is very Juicy! :)
  • @watson I am really glad you like it! :D we decided early on that we wanted to focus heavily on the details of the gameplay and the look and feel of the game. I am really glad that it is coming across in the way we intended and I am happy to say that it seems to be common observation between a lot of people who come across Riders of Asgard, so we are very happy that the hard work is paying off! :D

    We are working hard on getting the game ready and will be releasing an updated Demo soon! :)

    @bischonator haha nice, I am glad you think so! :D
    We are working a a whole bunch of new features as well so it might just get even juicier! :D

    Here are some screenshot of the new Shipyard Level.
    We went vertical with this one, and it makes for some really awesome new ways to play!

    Thanks for the comments and have an awesome day!

    Riders od Asgard - Shipyard01.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 220K
    Riders od Asgard - Shipyard02.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 204K
  • That new level is looking so good! As a Trials series fan, this excites me.
  • @roguecode thanks a lot! I am a Trials fan as well! :D
    This level forced us to implement a few new mechanics like Boosters and stuff, but it ended up making the game even more fun, and trying out the near endless possibilities that the verticality of the level brings is awesome! I can't wait for people to try it out.
    Thanks again!

  • The new level is looking really cool. It's just begging to be explored to find al the rad little places to do tricks.
    The game is coming together very well, good job guys :D
  • @pieter thank you very much! Yeah there are quite a number of places to go in this one! :)
    It is the first more vertical Level, so later levels will combine the more lane driven and vertical levels to make even crazier and more awesome levels! :)

    Thanks again for the support!
    Have an awesome day!
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