[PROJECT] Gorn (working title)

I've decided to procrastinate working on my game by making a thread about my game so here goes!

Gorn is a physics based VR game where you fight as a gladiator.

The idea was inspired by watching people play Budget Cuts and #Selfietennis. I noticed that most people spent more time trying to smash the robots/tennis people than actually playing the game so I wanted to make a game where the focus is on killing in a VR physics playground.

So far I've implemented physics based characters for you to fight who can use weapons and take and have limbs sliced off with swords or knocked off with blunt weapons. There's also a bow. Here's a video of a sword fight between two enemies:

Due to my lack of experience in 3D and VR there's a lot of jank but I'm enjoying the learning experience. I'm not quite sure yet where the gameplay challenge will lie - it doesn't seem like having the fights themselves be challenging would be the best so I'm considering rather having achievement hunting be the core of the game, so that the goal is pleasing the crowd rather than just winning the fight.

Right now I'm aiming to have a playable version of the game ready by Amaze and I'll build a build up here then as well for those who have Vives.



  • I've finally got a walk cycle that I'm happy with although the attack animations are still terrible:

    I got some tips from punchesbears that have helped a bit since this was filmed so it's getting better.
  • That looks awesome! Sjoe, great job dude. :D
    So when will there be a playable version? ;)
  • I'm taking a build to Amaze. How many people here have vives?
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  • If anyone who has a vive is interested, a build is now up at https://raithza.itch.io/gorn

    I also made some quick and super bad videos, free fraps logo and all:

  • Blood tech:

    Procedural bruising:

    Getting some art help now so these will hopefully look a bit better soon!
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  • haha procedural bruising is rad. I'd play if I had a vive.
    I'll leave this here for you: https://obsproject.com/
  • Happy to have tried it at A MAZE, here's a drop of the stuff we spoke about:
    1. The initial shock of intimidation is SO REAL. The hulking enemies coming towards me slowly TOTALLY gave me that fight or flight response.
    2. It was super fun doing the bashing.
    3. When their attacks land on me there was definitely dissonance - I don't feel the hit, and I'm not sure where I'm getting hit. Working out the visual/audio feedback on this would be an important challenge.
    4. I feel like I want to be able to outsmart/outmaneuvre them. As it is now they're probably too good at facing the player. Or too big too.

    Really rad and polished presentation so far too, looking forward to more! :)
  • Wanted to share my itch.io analytics cause I thought they were interesting (and pretty encouraging, for me at least!)


    So at Aug 27 I made my first and only post about Gorn one the Vive subreddit. You can see there was some attention but not crazy amounts. at around Sep 5 someone else created a thread ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/520ztc/gorn_is_awesome/ ) which actually got less attention then mine, but because it wasn't made by the creator (and perhaps because it was the second time people saw it?) it got more attention towards the game itself. Since then there have been one or two more threads, smaller than that one, that have also brought in more views/downloads than the original post. Pretty illuminating about the mechanics of reddit and marketing in general (what's that rule about someone has to hear about something 7 times...?).

    1000 downloads isn't a lot, but considering the small number of vive's out there this is pretty encouraging for me, especially since the game has managed to keep momentum without any action from my side.
  • Hey man just saw your game got played on Node. Quite a big gaming channel on youtube. Good work love the game so far!
  • I'm briefly exiting forum stalking mode, just to say that I strongly approve!
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  • The head dismemberment is probably the coolest feature. Rock on!
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    I've spent far too much time polishing the walk cycle but I'm really happy with the end result:
  • Node did another video, no idea how they manipulated the camera angle like this, but the effect is pretty cool:
  • Looking so awesome, I love seeing your updates!

    Need a Vive so that I can GORN!
  • Wow that is some awesome effect, so basically they set up some kind of greenscreen system that let them "look into" any VR game via an external cam... No idea how that works but it works REALLY REALLY well :D
  • he also has a completely full suit of armor now:
    Each piece can be added or removed by itself, hopefully changing the tactics of each encounter according to what's exposed. When fully armored he has no exposed weak spots and you'll have to knock a piece of armor off first.
  • This looks so awesome. :D
  • The golden nipples are easily the best part of the armour.
  • Rooster teeth also did a video:

    Unfortunately it's from the older build so it must have been filmed a week or two ago, but it's nice to see the game still getting some attetntion.
  • Random update post.

    Work has been coming along decently on GORN. Besides the usual physics/handling/AI improvements, we have also have a test/proxy version of the arena up:

    We've added two handed weapons:

    I've started work on a metagame/unlock/progression style system. This isn't something that I have much experience with, and the added challenge of thinking how to present all the affordances in a diegetic VR UI is quite tough, so I've separated the two issues and am prototyping how I think the metagame should play out in (a very ugly) mouse-driven UI. The idea is to get some feedback and get things working before doing the second tougher job of making it work intuitively in VR.

    Several casualties have been claimed:

    The game has been gaining momentum via word-of-mouth in the VR community.

    Lots of lets plays have been made and a strange phenomenon (tentatively named "the GORN effect") has come to light, where a youtuber will receive far more than their average amount of views on any GORN video they make, which has lead to a snowball effect in Youtube coverage:

    The average daily view/download rate has been increasing or at worst staying the same since I originally put it up and made a reddit post about it. The spike the last couple of days is people who own Oculus who've somehow figured out how to get the game running on there.

    Current goal is to have the game on Early Access on Steam by end January.
  • image

    This is pretty incredible. Have you considered stopping work on the game and just charging youtube streamers usage rights? (/s)
  • I played a bit of this last night. Really fun! I have to be continuously aware of my surrounding walls as I end up getting quite involved in it!

    My only issue was the spear. I'm not exactly sure how you are meant to use it, so I just ended up using one hand to slide it through and the other to shove it into the enemy. Is that the right way? The right hand seems to lose a bit of control with this one and it tends to glitch around a lot.

    Otherwise it's definitely one of the few genuinely addictive VR games out there. Can't wait to see what the final version looks like.
  • This is looking rad! Got to get me a Vive asap...
  • The two handed weapons are a bit shaky rn but how you're describing sounds about right.
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