[Event] Johannesburg Community Evening - August 2016 - What are we going to do?

Hey everyone,

Feels a bit weird to be making a thread for an event that ISN'T going to happen, but just wanted to make sure that people don't go to Microsoft on a public holiday. Yes I'm bummed too that a day of no work (lol I'll still be working) is getting in the way of our regular cool meetup.

One of the suggestions was that we just find a pub or some other such place and meetup and chat about game, or show what we're up to. This sounds pretty cool (and props to @Fengol for the suggestion) so who's down for this, and where sounds like a good place for us all to get together?
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  • Im stoked! in in JHB north so anywhere around this side would be preferable for me, but ill go with the flow :)
  • Are we putting a date to this? Still 2nd weekend of the month, etc? I'm keen for whatever we're down with, maybe with a stompy t-rex game to test :)
  • @Tusm :$ kinda just assumed it would be on the 9th as when the normal meetup would be, but then I realise that I didn't explicitly put a date in the thread. Mah-bad, sorry!

    9th August 2016

    It's a public holiday, and otherwise we'd normally meet-up at Microsoft abuse the free coffee and chat about games.

    Unfortunately it's a public holiday so we'd need to meet else where. Where? You help us decide!
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  • I vote for somewhere with pizza
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  • Col'Cacchio at Nicol Way sound good then?
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  • +1 for colcaccio - it's a known location with tables that we can draw on :)
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    So meetup at around 18:30? Guess we should probably book a table since there are probably going to be quite a few people going out on a public holiday.

    Replies with +1 will indicate people who want to come :)
  • +1 sounds like fun.
  • We still doing this? @Karuji Im just down the road from there
  • Hey everyone just booked the table

    18:30 for 6 people under Julian :)
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  • Ola,

    So the table is inside the restaurant as opposed to out near the window area.
  • Sorry guys - couldnt make it due to unforseen family circumstances
  • I'm also sorry I didn't make it (and worse, forgot to mention it) as it was my son's birthday party yesterday and come the finished all the kids were passed out from excitement and exhaustion and so was Daddy.
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