[SA Game Jam 2016] Expressive Solutions

- Jam: SA Game Jam 2016
- Name: Expressive Solutions
- Level: Hobbyist
- Time: 48 Hour Entry
David Weatherhead

Expressive Solutions is a 2 player platform game, where one player adds obstacles to a level for the other player to traverse.
The other player must be able to finish the level, but the longer they take and the lower their score is.

Let me know if you encounter any issues, bugs, etc. Thanks :D

Game is playable and downloadable for Windows, Mac and Web on my itch.io page, dlw.itch.io/expressive-solutions.
Also, I have shared the zipped builds here, Drive Share

NOTE: The colour selector does not work in the builds, busy working on the fix.

Update: Fixed the builds, sprites had disappeared.

604 x 337 - 194K
604 x 337 - 204K
604 x 337 - 381K
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