[SA Game Jam 2016] SMessy

(SA Game Jam 2016)
Project name: SMessy
Hobbyist (diversity too, I guess?)
48hr (More like 3 hours if I'm honest...but hey! better than not entering at all)

A new experiment for me: moving away from a more linear twine experience to giving the player more options. Naturally, given time limitations, this means that the stories themselves are short experiences but at least as a player you've had more involvement.

I've tried to tell a number of different stories here through the world of a whatsapp conversation. All the stories start at the same point, but from the first response, the player is choosing the story they're uncovering.

Link: https://dammit.itch.io/smessy?secret=UDbFwkUnYeOAqWYGcuNhmaQZE0g
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    Update: I really didn't have much time to do this project but I think it was a good experiment for me. I think if I had had a full weekend, I really could have explored all the different stories that are potentially started here. I think that one of the problems here is the stories themselves are too short for the players to really care about the outcomes...but we'll see. More time to dedicate to this project would have meant more exploration of the macros that Twine has to really bring this to life. Either way, I hope this small contribution to the jam is at least enjoyed by some people.

    The bottom line: Writing non-linear stories (aka branching!) is a massive scope problem!
  • A general theme I picked up on: If you are a dick to them they become apologetic and you are portrayed as a victim but If you are nice they reveal they are struggling? I imagined that there was a consistent world behind all of the possible conversations, or is a linear string of events decided by the player? Looking at it from either perspective was an interesting experience.
    Also; "g/ HTML tag 'p' wasn't closed." appeared a few times.
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  • Also got the "tag 'p' wasn't closed" error.

    Was an interesting experience indeed.
    As someone who never knows what to say when someone us upset, something like this that kind of offers a "what one should say in x situation" simulation halps >_<
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  • Whoops! Thanks for letting me know. I'll go and check which files are missing tags :)

    And about the actual conversations: I tried to take from my own experience - knowing that I've had similar conversations that I've handled poorly and some I've handled well (given their outcomes), so I tried to think of how I could have done them differently given the chance. Heavily inspired by recent playthroughs of Life is Strange.
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  • I think I've found a fixed all the </p> errors :D
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