[SA Game Jam 2016] Life is but a tree

- Jam name (SA Game Jam 2016)
- Game Name: Life is but a tree
- Level of experience: Hobbyist
- 48hr entry
- Team: Just me

I really tried to get the essence of this competition with the entry, I hope the game does that. The game is not much about gameplay, but rather focuses on the player expressing himself. It's about as much as I could do in the time allowed with the subject. The game uses procedural generation based on user input and allows for around 150k possible base choices, including the random permutations due to a random seed the total possible outcomes are nearly infinite. I hope you enjoy it.

Link to the build:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32239143/life_is_but_a_tree (0.1).zip



  • Around 20 hours of work, a lot of hope and not a single comment, I'm gonna cry. ;(

    @EvanGreenwood, could I ask for your opinion on the game?
  • I'm not sure I get the purpose of the post @Fengol, you re-posted the image I posted in the OP?
  • Oops, working on multiple posts. Didn't mean to post here at all.

    But it would encourage others to look at your game if you displayed game images rather than just linking to them.
  • @critic ive been wanting to play this for a while. I will hopefully have played it by tomorrow which will be followed with some feedback.

    Ive found that having a video and embedded images usually gets me more feedback so maybe try that.
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    Ok so I played it and here are some thoughts :

    * I like the general idea of building a tree.
    * I would like to see some more gameplay elements. It didn't feel like there was any kind of gameplay loop, so adding some objective or consequence might be a good idea.

    I also wanted to mention that the absence of feedback is just another form of feedback. So don't get discouraged if people aren't super stoked about the game. Just move on and try again.
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  • Thanks for having a look, yes, there is basically no gameplay present, was primarily aiming at the bonus goal of the competition, having the player make something a tiny bit personal about himself, something that gives a glance of a persons life at a glance of the tree.

    Anyway, I was hoping that the judges would give feedback on all the games as was the case with previous competition that was hosted here, maybe that was just the entitled part of my brain pushing that idea.
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