[SA GAME JAM 2016] Soundscapes

Designing Soundscapes.
Paint your world with light and sound. The game places the player at the end of a galaxy's life with 3 guns (brushes) to paint their world the way they'd like it to sound and look. Use the tools at hand to express yourself and bring light back to the end of a galaxy.

72 Hour
Your boy, Sugar :P

Jam Entry Builds

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.14.58 PM.png
1920 x 1080 - 426K


  • That's flipping rad so far! Are you modulating audio filters or just adjusting volumes of a bunch of different tones?
  • @EvanGreenwood Different tones, adjusting volume.

    I don't know if this still counts but I'm gonna put up a build some time tonight.

    706 x 442 - 2M
  • Windows download link points to a blank page?
  • @critic Sorry, fixed it now
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  • The setting is very interesting, creates a curious type of feeling, my mind started to wonder about the purpose and location of the setting, it could have been at the end of a galaxy somewhere or inside a simulation of some sort. But I'm pretty bad at figuring out in-world puzzles, I have no idea what to do in the game. Figured out that you can fall off into the abyss, shoot musical type bullets and create a trail of glowing music, not sure what the pillar is for. The only technical issue was a huge fps drop after spamming so much music into the pillar that it turned white, maybe a proximity count and removal of excess notes is in order. The little that I did play invoked curiosity and a bit of mystery, coupled with the beauty and simplicity of the notes and their visual representation.
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  • I was hoping the obelisk at the centre of the level was a sort of puzzle, though I couldn't figure it out.

    Beautiful soundscaping though! It's a very satisfying action placing lines of sound.
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  • critic said:
    The little that I did play invoked curiosity and a bit of mystery, coupled with the beauty and simplicity of the notes and their visual representation.
    That's pretty much exactly what I was going for with this game.

    @critic @EvanGreenwood. Funny, you both mention puzzles. I hadn't thought about that at all and I think it would be a good avenue to explore.

    Overall, I'm very happy with what came out of the game jam. It's an idea I had been playing around with in my head for a while and was great to prototype something. Definitely going to keep prototyping this and figuring out what it could be.
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  • Tilt brush just released audio reactive brushes. Super cool.

    Ever since my first experience with tilt brush. I wanted to create and audio visual experience that involved "painting music". Really happy this exists but kinda bummed I didn't get to do it. Still working through a bunch of stuff around audio and visuals though. So, it's coo :)

  • Cool concept. Very artsy. Maybe you can repopulate the galaxy with planets ,moons and stars. Each represented or generated by a set of 'stringed-together' tones and notes. Maybe even darker tones to generate things like worm holes and black holes. Lots of potential here. Great concept.
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