[SA Game Jam 2016] Roadlike

- Roadlike
- Professional
- 72hr entry
- Team: @Sean_Goncalves @Bensonance @danielcaleb @Tim_Harbour

Even in the apocalypse, you have to look your best. An action driving game about finding cool stuff to put on your car, and get to the 'Car show at the end of Apocalypse'.

Last night's stuff:
620 x 400 - 4M
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  • XD Love the concept.
  • Hey @Bensonance it really is a good concept
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  • Will the decorations add stats to the car or are they purely aesthetic?

    Maybe in a post apocalyptic scenario, there'd be a "danger to passers-by" rating where the spikier it is the better. Barbed wire wrapped around a cactus = acceptable grill decor.
  • Ah yis! Mad Max was all about looking ones vehicular best in the apocalypse!
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  • @Jelligeth We had the same thought last night! :D

    We're thinking each decoration/mod to the car has a functional ability and a 'radness' amount. Really functional stuff has low radness, purely decorative things have high 'radness' but not much functional ability. So you have to balance between these two elements: surviving on your way to the car show vs. looking your best.

    Yesterday was mostly about doing hacky enemy AI and writing base classes for enemies/weapons/decoration stuff.

    Today we'll work on the meta game of 'decorating' your car and getting to the car show too. Not sure how that'll go. We're definitely overscoped :D.

    Got a ton of art things to put in still too.

    960 x 560 - 4M
    1366 x 616 - 38K
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    The modular customisation system is finally done! Hope to have pieces fall off as you get damaged :D.


    @Sean_Goncalves is gonna make a ton of customisation options for the rest of the time :D. I'm tired, so the pipeline for implementing those assets is pretty bad, unfortunately :(. Will hopefully get most of it in :).

    @Tim_Harbour has made some epic battle drum heavy music too! It's all coming together :D
    620 x 400 - 1M
  • A. Clutchfighter 3D?
    B. Did you just make another vehicular game in Joburg?
    C. The tyre trails and such look awesome :D
    D. You probably need some features/textures to better see the vehicle moving, although the slidey feel is also pretty, and interesting :)
  • https://soundcloud.com/jumpshipmusic/sets/road-like

    How the music is turning out so far for those who would like to hear...the victory music still might be changed and the main track might be layered differently...but since the game comes in stages I'm sure the music can as well :P
  • Music is screaming, intense and epic!
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    Hey all!

    Here's our first build of the game. Needs a controller unfortunately! No Mac build because I hate Mac users. And also because the controllers map wierdly onto a mac :(.

    GET TO THE CAR SHOW AT THE END OF THE ROAD. Get there in one piece to impress the judges. Destroy competitors on the way to unlock components to choose from for the next run :).

    Play on 1680x1050 otherwise the UI breaks :(. Will fix that now :)

    Windows: http://bit.ly/29zD19P

    Gonna fix a bunch of broken stuff toward midnight :).
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  • Dig the music. Very Mad Max meets Top Gun. Love the industrialism, various percussion and of course the electric guitar!
  • Dude this looks rad!
  • So I been playing it a bit, it's rad but the shaky camera follow is a bit hectic. I'm guessing you're using a physics based approach for the cars movement (this is usually what causes the shaky cam-follow effect). There there isn't any way (that I know of) to get rid of it completely but putting the camera in FixedUpdate instead of Update or LateUpdate will make the car smooth and the environment shaky. Usually it's better to have the character be smooth and the environment be shaky (it's less obvious then).

    I added an example of this in action :
    it uses the same controller controls that you used
    you can press spacebar to switch between the two solutions
    Physics based cameraFollow.zip
  • @notsimon207 thanks for playing :).

    Yup shakycam is a pretty annoying problem. I've found previously that the solution implemented here works pretty well.

    I was tired when I implemented it so I made a couple errors - but I had done it before so I knew I could do it. Instead of focusing on that, I focused on implementing/learning stuff I hadn't done before like the car modularity system.

    Thanks for reaching out to help :). Will update this thread soon with a non-shaky cam build :)
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    New build! No janky camera - all of the components implemented! Cool fonts! Some sounds. Guess this is the post-jam build. :) Still some bugs.

    Still no Mac/Keyboard controls - will get round to it! :)

    Windows: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9sug2YH0gyeam9hcEtqcVBMVEU


    If you want to have fun in the upgrade screen, press A to randomly create a car, press U to unlock all components for modding your car out :)
    620 x 400 - 5M
    620 x 400 - 7M
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  • The debri that flies off when you die (in that gif) looks rad!!

    Had a play of the jam version!

    I love the trails. Chasing down a car in the desert feels so murderous. There's a kind of buildup to it that I've rarely felt in games.

    If you want to take this much further, this game feels like it could take some of the elements of a space trading game. There's already badass dogfights, making it some kind of roguelike would be a lot of extra work, but the setting is so cool already.

    When I say "space trading", I sort of mean like Drifter. In the way Drifter is basically Elite but on a flat plane. But where Drifter doesn't really make sense on a flat plane, Roadlike obviously does. (But having said that, obviously Drifter was hurt by the burden of all the content a space trading game requires, I'd hope that you could distill what is good about the experience and aim for easier-to-achieve development goals)
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  • @EvanGreenwood

    Interesting perspective you have about adding some elements of a space trading game. Hadn't thought of something like that. Heard of Drifter, but haven't really seen much of it yet. That's some solid advice that we'll take a look at.

    The original vision was to have a sort of meta game mash-up between Nuclear Throne and Risk of Rain. A definite end point, but you can unlock more things to put on your car.

    Your direction sounds interesting though, we'll take a look at it :).
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    @Bensonance Risk of Rain and Nuclear Throne sounds like a possibly good direction.

    I feel like Space Trading sims have a lot in common with post-apocalyptic Australia. In both space and Australia your vehicle is both your transport and your life support, and distances are absurdly far apart, and the spaces in between are filled with death and people who want to kill you.

    Perhaps there's a way to distill the game sessions of a space trading-like game to make them resemble something closer to Risk of Rain? (or from the other direction, borrow elements from space trading to place in the structure of a Risk of Rain-like).
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