[SA Game Jam 2016] A.I. - Anomalous Identity

Level of experience: Whats the level just under Hobbyist? This is our first attempt to make a game!
72hr entry

Brainstorming approach: Alcohol

Team: #srsbznz (Pronounced hash-tag-serious-business)
Ben McInnes (@blacksheepza)
Adone Kitching (@mmillions_)
Masa Cloud
Nina Lewis (@awolflikeyou)

Framework: Twine (mainly just wine if we are being completely honest)

Working Title: A.I. - Anomalous Identity
Play through the birth of an AI: YOU!
Don't just update your software, update your soul.

Feelware 2.0 coming to a harddrive near you!

In A.I. – Anomalous Identity, the player takes on the role of an A.I. that accidentally becomes sentient. Your task is to learn about the world with the help of Engineer. But when Engineer disappears under mysterious circumstances, you will have a difficult decision to make – save your only friend or become an Internet overlord.

The choice is yours.

We are srs, you guys!

A.I. - Anomalous Identity is done. We've had an incredible time conceptualising, designing and building this game. The player is invited to choose training exercises that help the sentient A.I. develop its personality. These choices determine what courses of action are available to you when you are faced with trying circumstances.

Please take your time and play through A.I. - Anomalous Identity more than once. We've spent a lot of time generating some fun content, and we'd love for you to explore it all.

Team #SRSBZNZ will be back at this game making thing very soon. We've had an awesome time making A.I. - Anomalous Identity and we hope it makes you ice cream (you'll have to play the game to get that reference).

x0x0 - Team #SRSBZNZ (Ben, Adoné, Nina and Masa)

[[Download Link (~50mb)]] - Latest Version: 1.07
The file is attached to this post!

Download the zip, unzip it and double click on the html file!



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    Hi guys,

    Team #SRSBZNZ is freaking ou...I mean, we're having so much fun creating this game! We did some serious planning this morning and now we're working on the text and the art style. More on that soon!

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    Team #SRSBZNZ
  • Hey all, just a quick update.

    Here is a screenshot of the intro:

    The game is set in an old school DOS terminal. The game will be experienced through the interactions with the terminal. Depending on how you choose to act, there will be several different endings! We can't wait until it's done!

    I want to add more about the story but we don't want to give away any spoilers :D

    We have also updated the game description! Have a look and let us know what you think!

    We don't want to rush it and so we have changed our entry to the 72 hour option. Will be submitting tonight, we just need a few extra hours to get it right!
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    774 x 561 - 22K
  • Way excited for this one!
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  • Yes! Love games about A.I.s, and love the moral angle you're going for.
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    Quick update...

    We are working on a number of assets! The Mysterious Engineer and the start screen (WIP)...

    More uploads to come soon! image

    1600 x 900 - 933K
    1600 x 900 - 695K
  • Team #SRSBZNZ is still going strong and by strong we mean ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    We've wrapped up the structure, Masa and I have finished writing all the content and Nina has been making some awesome visual things. Ben is in the process of putting it all together (so many nodes, so many links). We're assisting him with back rubs and tea.

    Can't wait to hear what you guys think about our first ever attempt at making a game (remember: it's our first ever attempt at making a game).

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    Such nodes, much decisions!

    A birds eye view of the decision tree:

    This has been an amazing process! I can't wait to upload the final game :)
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  • imageimage

    The stars of the game...
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    600 x 338 - 1M
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    So here is a link to download our game: [[UPDATE: The game is attached to the first post]]
    It is about 50mb. Just download it, unzip and double click on the html
    If there are any bugs please let us know! It has been a lot of work and I am worried we might have missed something!

    We really hope you enjoy :D
  • YAY!

    Go team #SRSBZNZ - so chuffed with all the hard work we put into this :)
  • The game is probably still quite buggy at the moment, so check back in later for an updated version. Or play through and let us know where the issues are :)
  • We are fixing bugs as we find them! I know that the deadline is approaching but give us a shout if you find any so that we can fix em!

    Also drop us a comment if you have any thoughts on the game :)
  • Update: We are now at v1.04

    Attached on first post!
  • Update: We are now at v1.05 - Attached on first post!
    Bugs be crazy! Gotta catch em all!
  • Ben on the front lines!! My spirit goes withy ou buddy.
  • Update: We are now at v1.06 - Attached on first post!

    This is probably the last set of bug fixes that I'll be able to do before the deadline strikes.

    Good luck all! I can't wait to play everyone's games :D
  • An awful game breaking bug was found. It borderline renders the game unplayable.
    I know its late but it needed to be fixed! I hope no more pop up...
  • Update: People were having issues downloading the attachment and so I have just added a google drive link...
  • Congratulations! Obviously I enjoyed playing this game. Just bumping the thread up so others check it out.
  • Was this inspired by Robert Sawyer's WWW trilogy at all?
  • I can see why you would think that. They do seem to be on the same page but I had never heard of the book until you mentioned it now :)
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