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Greetings all. I love the theme. Currently chilling with fam bouncing ideas around sipping on a stout.

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Team Chatsworth!!!
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  • Well im stuck!!! trying to re-create this simple 2d shooter but something not right with my script as I cannot get my sprite to move :(

    Best team mate ever is a 11 year old child, back seat programming :)))) My cuz Daska!!!
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    I ditched the side scroller idea and have started on a simple rpg type game. Its from a youtube tutorial but im just trying to get a prototype than I can work on changing art and putting some expressive dialogue.


    Learning new things and having fun.

    Every game dev should try having a 11 year old over their shoulder, its a fascinating experience. I was down that I could not get the sprite to move in the previous attempt but I got something going maybe I might be able to pull off a mother vibe but I still not sure how I am going to handle interactions(probably via collisions) and an inventory system.

    Maybe walking around the green grass would be cool for him when he beta tests in the morning (I highly doubt that, this generation and their shiny 3D graphics)

    All the best to everyone else. Im gonna crash for a bit.
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  • If you have any technical questions you should ask here! We can probably help you get them sorted quicker than it would take to watch an entire youtube video/series :p (seriously, where did all the awesome written tutorials go?)
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  • Morning all. I keep losing my animations in my project. Plus had a crash this morning.
  • If you want to add dialogue to your game, here is a short little tutorial that really helped me:

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  • @Kree8 when you say losing animations, do you mean that the .anim file is being deleted?
  • If you want to add dialogue to your game, here is a short little tutorial that really helped me:
    Thanks for the help.

    I love it when he says t'ree!
  • @Kree8 when you say losing animations, do you mean that the .anim file is being deleted?
    The files are there but the key frames where not saving but I have managed to get that sorted kinda my player does an interesting moonwalk effect when you switch from left to right.

  • Final submission and thoughts.

    Download below.

    Well this has been a fascinating experience. I did more in this weekend in regard to learning game dev than I have in the last 5 years. Im not very active on this sub or anywhere else so my game playing and making has mostly been a solitary journey but I hope to change that over time.

    Challenges: prototyping, basics, code logic, art, sound,

    I have to say seeing the other teams submissions was very intimidating and at times I just wanted to give up but getting little bits of my game to work helped me to carry on. In no way am I happy with my submission. Its not even a game.
    Well I guess I could put an interesting spin...

    Kree8 presents

    Endless explorer!

    How do you feel after "playing?"
    Added new feature : 5.1 Dolby surround sound extreme - silence
    Express yourself in the comments!

    Jokes aside, I tried to make a simple game that had text box dialogues when you interacted with various game objects like a tree or treasure chest. I dunno but I just cant get the dialogue box to display when my player collides with another game object. I never even got around to doing any kind of story or win condition for this attempt.

    All in all, I had fun! I look forward to learning more and hopefully someday soon have something of a game created.

    Cheers all. Wishing everyone the best.
    game jame.zip
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  • The sprite work is very appealing! I'd like to see this turned into a small story, even if it's just about a guy and a chest and a tree.
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  • @EvanGreenwood Thank you but I can not take credit for the sprite work as its from a youtube series on making a rpg in unity. Back to work tomorrow so I doubt i will get a chance to work further on it but the drive to make a positive change in my students learning experiences may be the push to continue my learning with game dev.

    Current state of education in my community and school that I work at is... I dont know what is the correct word(s) to use but what I do know is that I am not going to accept the common excuses. I was taught that p.o.o.r means passing over opportunities regularly. I'm sorry if this may be edgy. Education is my life. Im just gonna need to work dam harder to provide the best opportunities for my students.
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