[Event] MGSA at EGE 2016 - 29-31 July

Hey all!

So due to the generosity of IESA, MGSA as a community will be having some space at the Electronic Games Expo. IESA will have it's own stand with members having space there.

At the moment we have about 6 'stands' for people to show stuff at. Consumer shows locally are great for consumer playtests, maybe a little local press, and showing gamers the quality of SA games :).

Consideration for curation
If you want to submit your games for consideration to be at the event, please comment below with a pitch and some images/Gifs, and ideally a build of the game :). You could also PM them to me if I need to sign a 30 page NDA too, I guess :).

People will need to supply their own equipment and have someone available to man their stand. We can make arrangements for special cases.

Deadline for Submissions is 13th July

Example of high quality videogame entry:image
500 x 390 - 3M


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