[Comp H] The Credible Machine


Download (version 0.1)

I was going to call this Dwarf Factory and then I reeeeaaaaallllllly wanted to squish the workers so I thought Lemming Workhouse but ended up on The Credible Machine (get it!?).

Inspired by all of the above plus Abe's Odyssey, Night Shift and every cartoon where a character gets stuck in a machine; you control some hapless workers to drive the factory controls to create goods.

"Efficiency important so you'll only get the minimum of supplies to create the required amount of goods. Spare no time and/or lives."

(updated with screen shake)

No workers at the moment, but some factory bits like conveyor belts, switches and manufacturers are working. You can use the mouse to flip the switches (will be removed once workers are in place).

In case you're wondering, I can't art very well so I bought Kenney's Game Assets a while ago when it was on special.


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    Looks cool, can't wait to see it play out once you add some workers.

    One note, on itch.io you cannot see your score counter at the moment.
  • Hey, this is looking awesome! I haven't played Abe's Odyssey in ages, and I'm not sure I've ever played Night Shift, but I really like the idea of adding physics to Incredible Machine-style gameplay. In playing, I saw some really interesting opportunities for funny physics: objects began bunching up and getting caught in spots, which could cause all kinds of funny glitches in the simulation.

    I'm not sure what your intention is with the workers, but I see that in Night Shift you have control of a worker, giving you limited access to the machine/level. I'd really love to play a version of this where I actually have to move the worker to the various levers and buttons, traversing conveyers going the wrong way, jumping over the moving boxes, and potentially even unclogging blocked up areas. Even without this though, there's potentially a fun game in figuring out the order of events, and watching the physical reactions.

    I'd really like to see more of this, with levels and proper goals. I'd suggest actually adding some text somewhere to communicate the goal (I only realised later that my points accumulate on *destroying* the stars, not letting them fall below). There may also be an elegant way to communicate which lever will work with which part of the machine. I really liked that the one lever had a symbol on it that matched the laser, so more of that on other levers could be cool.

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing how this pans out :)
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