A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2016 Submissions

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Hey all!

Submissions are open for A MAZE!

What is A MAZE?
A MAZE. / Johannesburg brings together international independent game developers, digital creatives and game enthusiasts in Johannesburg. A MAZE. / Johannesburg is also a public festival with a mind-blowing music lineup, a hand selected exhibition of videogames, virtual reality experiences and interactive installations.

A MAZE. / Johannesburg is a unique, cultural, and investigative international platform for games and playful media that invites professionals and creatives from various fields to exchange their knowledge and visions, present their projects, play, and make contacts to collaborate on future projects. A MAZE. / Johannesburg represents games beyond the mainstream and celebrates the art-form - not the product.

A MAZE. / Johannesburg is a standalone festival organized by A MAZE. with the headquarters residing in Berlin. A MAZE. / Johannesburg is an open, full size festival including talks, workshops, exhibitions, performances and music program. A MAZE. / Johannesburg is funded by the City of Johannesburg and is part of the framework of Fak’ugesi - the African Digital Innovation Festival.



This year the call is global! We're hoping to get some international developers and press visiting and showing their games :). First annoucement here! We will err more towards African content, of course :).

Submission Forms
Installations (playful media experiments welcome!)
Student Games

If you have any questions/ideas/things - just pop them below :).


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