Make Games Minijam 16th of April (in Cape Town)

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If you're staying at home wondering why other people are getting ahead and you are falling behind, it's because you're not at the Make Games Monthly Minijam.

There is an 8 hour jam hosted by The Bandwidth Barn in Woodstock on Saturday the 16th of April.

This event will happen monthly and is free to attend for everyone, but if you want to be fed at the event it'll cost R100.

The idea is that everyone arrives at 11, and at 11:30 we reveal a few secret (optional) modifiers and everyone brainstorms, jamming starts at 12 and everyone stops jamming 8 hours later (with lunch happening somewhere in between).

We all eat pizza (or some pizza equivalent) at 8:00 and at 8:30 everyone presents whatever they've built (to rapturous applause and cheering).

For this month's Make Games Minijam the theme is:

Jamming For A Feeling.

The goal for this jam is picking a feeling or emotion and then building an experience that elicits it.

Much like is outlined in this article:

There's so many feelings that are so underexplored. The world has plenty of challenging games, games that frustrate or make us feel powerful or clever, but what about games that make us feel shy, doubtful, or relaxed, or full of wonder or longing?

Of course, if you participate, you don't have to stick to the theme. If you find inspiration elsewhere then use it. The only requirement is that after 8 hours you present what you've made and tell the group what you've learned, even if what you've made doesn't function, and what you've learned is that you were too ambitious.
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