Sound design and score composing

Hey guys!

This is a really sweet site and community platform for game makers and enthusiasts! I was suggested to check it out through the great guys over at Free Lives (Broforce).

As a gaming enthusiast myself and professional studio owner doing mostly sound recording as well as mixing / mastering and sound design for a living I thought I would reach out to the community and hopefully meet some guys / girls looking for a professional studio to collaborate with on future / current projects.

I have experience in sound design, foley, sound effects, mixing and mastering both in stereo and surround mostly for film but can easily shift the experience I have and apply it to games.

If you are looking for a professional studio or an individual with these kinds of skills get in touch and let's chat!

Here is our studio promo video

Here is the most recent film I worked on (Sound design, Foley, Score composer and recorder, Sound mixer)

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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